The Alaskan Independence Party

Alaska has a serious libertarian element. It also has an old Bircher, Minutemen, Patriots in Action element. When RFK went after the Minutemen and the Patriots, N. B. Hunt and his buddies put up the money to move a bunch of them to Alaska. Not coincidentally, they settled in the Matanuska Valley. For those of you on the dark side of the Moon the last few days, Wasilla is in the Matanuska Valley. Interestingly, the Mat Valley was the site of a New Deal Era colony of farmers displaced from the Lower 48 and brought to Alaska to make a new life. Some made out alright, some didn’t.

Anyway, the crazy side of the Right in Alaska politics always gathered to the Libertarians or the Alaska Independence Party. The AIP had a legendary leader, Joe Vogler, who actually was a compelling character; somebody murdered him a few years ago. In 1990, Alaska had open primaries and the Ds managed to nominate a D-RINO, Arliss Sturgelewski, as the Republican candidate for Governor. Lots of Republicans bolted. Former Governor and Secretary of the Interior, Walter Hickel, made a deal to have the AIP nominee withdraw so that he could become the AIP nominee. Hickel went on to be elected Governor against both the R and D candidates. Most Republicans obviously backed Hickel as the AIP candidate, so any Alaska Republican who supported Hickel is, I guess, one of those secessionists the Lefties are complaining about. My family has a good bit of experience with secession, so come get me if you feel lucky.