The Polar Bears Aren't Drowning - Yet

Reports of the demise of the Arctic icepack apparently have been greatly exaggerated. A three ship Canadian exploration fleet got stuck in the ice off Pt. Barrow, Alaska yesterday. The Anchorage Daily News story is here: http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/485134.html

Unlike we silly Americans, our socialist neighbors to the north, my east, actually explore, drill, and even mine natural resouces – they even cut trees! When you fly north out of Seattle by the inland route, you can tell immediately when you cross the US-Canada border by the logging roads and clearcuts.

This icy event stems from the Canadians sending nasty old ships with carbon footprints akin to those of a G-5 up into polar bear land to do seismic work to try to find some of that nasty old oil. If they do, and they are likely to, they will without much controversy or fanfare build a pipeline south and sell that oil to us at a very high price. For those of you who may have watched “Ice Road Truckers,” the ships are headed offshore from the area where the TV show is shot. We may only wonder why there aren’t some American ships working off Alaska’s coast.