My Frustration with Trump Supporters

I try to stay out of the fray mostly. Primarily because of the large percentage of those I consider my friends and family who are Trump supporters, and if I went scorched earth the way I feel most of the time, life would be very uncomfortable. Since Alabama has long since voted, I have limited my exposure to political arguments to the occasional snippy comment on one of the hundreds of repetitive ‘Trump Train’ crap posts on my Facebook feed.  To alleviate my frustration, I have volunteered and made phone calls. Its real easy to tell who the Trump supporters are. Most give a four letter word response and hang up, unwilling to have a rational discussion. Undecided voters are generally polite, but are not very motivated and seem just as frustrated by the misinformation and childishness as I am, and in general don’t want to talk about it.  Most Cruz supporters I talk to, are in fact not as much Pro-Cruz, as they are Anti-Trump.(As basically I am as well) He is the last real candidate standing in the way of Trump handing the coronation to Killary. That’s not just an I-Don’t-Like-Trump statement, that’s a political reality, despite what the Trump campaign claims, any unbiased source can only conclude that the support is just not there in enough states to win a general election. Every last projection even from very Trump supportive organizations sees him sliding backwards in electoral count compared to Obama’s elections. But that is not what I am here to talk about today. What I do want to put down in word, is why Trump supporters frustrate me so much, and make me want to grab them by the neck and shake some sense into them. And I wanted to take this last chance before tonight results in Indiana are posted to do so. I firmly believe that tonight’s winner will be the republican nominee. Trump wins tonight, and he gets his majority of delegates(not majority of votes, just of delegates). If Cruz surges, Trump will fall short of the magic number, and get crushed in the second round of voting. Without further ado, here is what frustrates me the most. You will see, that I actually agree with most of what Trump supporters want in the next president. The fact that someone has a differing opinion doesn’t frustrate me. Its that we actually DO agree on most of it, but you seem to be cutting your own throat, and happy about it!

Point 1: Anger. Anger with the Republican Party has been boiling over for over a decade now. We keep electing the Republican who tell us what we want to hear at election time, and then turns around and betrays us when they get to Washington. We gave the Republicans the majority in both the House and Senate, and they continue to appease and surrender to the liberal president, and wont fight his illegal overstepping of the executive power. And coward and charlatans the truly are. I think all conservatives can agree on this point. And so we got angry and elected new senators who promised to fight the ‘establishment’ and to not cave to pressure. Senators like Cruz, Rubio, Lee, to name but a few. Some were true to their word, some were not. Still, nothing was accomplished. If anything, the established members of the party pushed more against the true conservatives than they did against the democrats. Again, conservatives largely agree on this point. But here is where to me common sense went out the door. This election WAS a great opportunity to get back the White House. Now I highly doubt that will happen anymore regardless of who wins the primary. We have shot ourselves in the foot. On one hand we had a large pool of Governors and Senators, with actual conservative views who actually fought for those conservative principles in their States and in congress. While the congress as a whole was stymied by the republican establishments unwillingness to push back. A handful were actually making themselves real unpopular with the establishment by actually supporting and fighting for things they got elected to do. And then you have the Trump side. They are so angry about politicians saying one thing at election time and doing the opposite once they get to Washington, that their answer is to support the man who supported the opposite his whole life and just now is telling you what you want to hear?? They somehow believe that just because he ‘is not a career politician'(more on that below) what he says today is what he’s going to be after he is elected? Despite the fact that he expressed the exact opposite opinions as recently as a few months ago? The man who has supported ‘single payer healthcare’ his whole life, continues to praise the universal healthcare systems of other countries, and criticized conservatives who supported defunding Obamacare. This is the guy you turn to and trust to repeal Obamacare? Just because he said so. The man who has monetarily supported Planned Parenthood, spoke in its defense, and espoused in numerous interviews his Pro-Choice tendencies. This is who you think can be a leader in the Pro-Life movement? The countries largest abuser of H1B Visas, outsourcing of jobs,  this is the guy you trust on immigration? Just because he throws the word wall into his speech from time to time? Some of you even seem t think he’s the first person to think of such a thing. Positions on topics such as Israel, Iraq, North Korea, Drones, etc.. All positions by which his past actions defy what he is now telling you on the stump. Its simply mind-boggling to me that in order to show your anger about politicians who say one thing and then does another after being elected, you are willing to support the person who has already ‘done another’ before getting elected just because they are telling you what you want to hear now.

Point 2: Outsider vs. Establishment. We want to ‘outsider’ to shake up politics and to push out the ‘establishment’ who have been in charge for way too long. Again, both sides agree to this. We need new leadership in the party that will stick up for the principles we elected them to fight for. But somewhere in this huge mess that we have put ourselves in, the terms ‘establishment’ and ‘outsider’ have become terribly twisted. Four and eight years ago, movements such as the tea party, the conservative alliance, redstate, etc.. , pushed hard to elect real conservative representatives and senators to fight the establishment and were largely successful doing it. Cruz, and Rubio, and Lee, etc… swept into office by large majorities. Cruz himself was lionized as the figurehead of the conservatives fighting the RINO’s. We applauded the ‘shut-down’, we celebrated every time our new brand of senators forced McConnell to pull a vote, or Boehner to step down. No-one was calling them ‘establishment’ before this year. We looked at the progress made by conservative governors like Walker, and maybe a little Kasich. In the meantime, Trump had already run for president twice, had invested Yuge amounts of money to ‘buy’ favor with those very establishment politicians(both democrat and republican). Trump has been active in establishment politics for decades, but somehow because since he only lost the two times he did run for office, and didn’t actually win one, he is supposed to be the ‘outsider’? Its ok, to buy political influence, as long as your influence isn’t being bought? Makes no sense to me. And now the Trump faction has been trying to paint his opposition as ‘part of the establishment’. One would think that would be one of the largest leaps of imagination possible, (but keep reading). Boehner calls Cruz Lucifer. McConnell demands apologies. Both have stated they support Trump over Cruz. Both have suggested they would consider supporting Hillary over Cruz. Cruz in his short tenure as senator has ticked more of the solidified establishment republicans off, and yet you believe Trumps suggestion that Cruz is the one who is establishment???

Point 3: Mathematically Challenged. As a math geek, this might be more frustrating to me than most normal people but it just really gets under my skin. When the Trump folk start throwing around terms like ‘We the people’, ‘Silent Majority’, ‘Yuge Win’, ‘Way ahead’, ‘Only one able to beat Hillary’, and on and on, they really just sound mathematically, statistically, and civically  ignorant to me. I’m not meaning this to sound disparagingly to Trump people. I’m not trying to insult anyone’s math skill because they support Trump. If anything, its the dishonesty of the media, campaigns, pollsters and talking heads that I’m targeting this at and only marginally at the supporters for believing this crap. First off, Majority means more than half. Simply having more than the other guy means Plurality, not majority. Until the Liberal State Tuesday last week, Trump had not won ANY positive majorities, in ANY of the states. The only actual majorities he had were all negative. More than ten states exit polls (including 8 of those he “won”) had a true majority(again more than half) were opposed to his candidacy. Many other had a majority with negative feelings towards him. I’m sorry, but if you don’t have a majority of support in your own(supposedly) party, you are nowhere close to any form of majority in the whole nation. And you certainly aren’t silent. Claiming to be ‘We the People’ is only insulting to the 60% of the party that apparently aren’t qualified to be ‘People’. Claiming to have more votes than any other primary candidate in history, while technically accurate, is in itself dishonest for comparing apples to oranges. Its in fact because your support levels are lower than any other candidate in modern history, that you have those votes. No other primary election has ever gone this many states without there being a clear leader. Elections with clear leaders, bring out fewer voters. If you compare on a state by state basis, however, a brief look over the results indicate no such thing. There were not more voters in any state voting for Trump than had voted for the state winner in previous elections. So in short, your candidate is so weak, he gets to inflate the numbers by keeping it competitive.

Point 4: Rigged System. Of course the system is broken. We have been saying this for decades. But here is the problem. The time to fix it is before the elections. Crying about how the system is being unfair to you when you and every other candidate on the ballot should have known the rules before you even declared candidacy. It is clear that one particular candidate didn’t. Failing to send any representative to a caucus to speak on your behalf, is your fault, not the other candidate. Failing to notify your own district delegates that they actually need to show up to a state convention to cast a vote is your own incompetency. Not the other candidates fault. Not getting involved in selecting the actual delegate representation of you own delegates, is lazy. Assuming that you don’t need to worry about delegate selection because you think it wont go to a second ballot is sheer arrogance. Complaining about a rigged system when you have 45% of delegates, but only 36% of the vote is egomaniacal. Complaining about a proportional Caucus system electing unfriendly to you delegates, while not having a problem winning only 32% of the vote, yet getting all the delegates in a winner take all system is hubris.

There are many, many, more points I could make, but I wanted to limit this to my frustration with Trump supporters and not necessarily with Trump himself. That list might be too long to read.