Republican Party Of Texas Is Using Party Money to Convince Primary Voters John Cornyn Is Their Only Choice!

Republican Party Of Texas Is Using Party Money to Convince Primary Voters John Cornyn Is Their Only Choice!

So Friday, I was driving home from Dallas and got a call from a friend on the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).

My friend wanted to tell me about a second letter she had received from the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) and signed by the State Chairman James Dickey endorsing John Cornyn in the primary.

A second letter implies a first, so lets start there, shall we?

The first letter implied John Cornyn was running unopposed for the US Senate primary:

Some Texas Republicans got this letter last month.  If I did, I threw it away without opening it.  It was brought up a couple of weeks ago at the RPT Officials Committee meeting on January 31.
We were very unhappy that the fund raising letter had an implied endorsement of Cornyn.  It was unacceptable in the Primary.  James Dickey blamed it on staff and it slipping through the cracks at headquarters during a busy time.
The offending paragraph says:
Our US Senate Race could determine  if the Democrats seize control of our entire federal government. Senator John Cornyn is a rock solid champion of our conservative principles and if we lose the White House, he would be our last defense.

Given the uproar in the SREC, Dickey was forced to apologize in a Facebook post:

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a fundraising letter went out last week with language that clearly crossed the line of endorsing in a Primary – endorsing President Trump and speaking very favorably of Senator Cornyn, both of whom have Primary challengers.

I have personally strived to see that this line is never crossed. Unfortunately, I don’t always catch everything, and for that I am sorry. I tracked down where the letter came from, learned that it was put into production last fall, and did not follow our normal communications process. We have a solid track record of discovering and preventing these types of errors, but we will take even more precautions to ensure this does not happen again. And again, while we support our President and elected officials as officeholders, I am committed to achieving the most fair Primary for all candidates in any race.

The Republican Party has a long history of endorsing moderate candidates in the primaries, and RedState has an equally long history of arguing against party interference and endorsing candidates in the primaries.

As most of you know from a post I made last week, I am supporting Dwayne Stovall for US Senate. The video below is his reaction to the first letter:


As you can tell, Stovall was pretty hot under the collar! Rightfully so. Can you imagine this guy facing down some Nanny State Bureaucrat from his spot on a Senate Committee?

I determined then and there to write about it but hadn’t had time to put it together yet.

So, back to the call I received on the drive back from Dallas Friday.

My friend tells me the James Dickey and the RPT sent out a similar letter that was just received that day.

I asked my friend to send a copy of the second letter and give me some commentary on it. I received an email Saturday Morning. According to my friend:

Today I got another letter in the mail naming Cornyn.  Wouldn’t you think that the letter would have been adjusted to eliminate candidate names after the discussion about it at the end of last month at RPT Headquarters?
No, James ignored the criticism and a similar letter went out this week.
Remember, James Dickey has already apologized for sending out the first letter and said it was a mistake by staff. Below is Dickey’s offending paragraph in the second letter asking for money for Cornyn and implicitly endorsing him:
Make no mistake about it: You’ll see millions of dollars’ worth of television commercials attacking President Trump, Senator Cornyn and our Republican Members of Congress and State Legislators.

Again? Once could be a mistake; twice is a conspiracy!

I am committed to achieving the most fair Primary for all candidates in any race. -James Dickey

“Fair primary” my rosy red ass!

This is what we mean when we say we need to drain the swamp!

We need competition in our primaries. We need primary voters to make a choice between the candidates running and speaking to them. We do not deserve to be manipulated into voting for candidates by a distant and dishonest leadership who pretends their hand-picked candidate is the only person running! We are sick and tired of them using our own money and our party to do all the above to us!

Have you ever asked yourself how these swamp critters keep getting elected when nobody likes them? Have you ever wondered why we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils every time we get a chance to vote?

THIS is the way it’s done, Y’all!

They are lying to us, they manipulate us into choosing people with no principles who sell us down the river over and over again once safely planted in office!

Here is Stovall on the second letter:



Yeah, I know, it’s a state party and not the national GOP but the principle is the same. The party establishment are using party money, given by the grassroots membership to deceive that grassroots membership. They manipulate the grassroots into voting for the establishment’s favored candidate because they “have no other choice.” Throw Carl Rove and the Bush clan into the mix and it is literally the same thing.

The fact they did this with a second letter…after being questioned by the SREC and forced to publicly apologize has the look of dripping flop sweat!

There is something going on. They know something they aren’t telling us’ Is it about Cornyn’s Polling. Are his challengers pulling more than the 30% they pulled last time? Could it be he can’t get over 50%? Could we be headed for a runoff?

If so they will never tell us and leave us to go down with the ship! Don’t forget, Poll after poll shows Cornyn’s unfavorables at 33% with his favorables at 34%. The other 33% have no opinion or don’t know who he is.

What say you?

I pulled this from Texas Monthly. “Is John Cornyn Vulnerable?”  I found it most interesting:
If you believe his fund-raising appeals John Cornyn is worried. In an August email, Texas’ senior senator claimed that for the first time his reelection campaign may not meet its money goal by the end of the month. Things were so bleak that Karl Rove himself—via [email protected]—reached out in an email a few days later to tell me and many thousands of others that some “old friends”—identified as “loyal patriots, everyone”—had stepped up to match any donation dollar for dollar. “Senator Cornyn is running out of time,” Rove warned, “and if he fails to meet his goal, it will give dangerous momentum for his opponents.”

That kind of borderline panicky language was also apparent in July, when Republican party chairman James Dickey thanked Cornyn and almost the entire Texas GOP congressional delegation for turning out in force at a Republican Party of Texas fundraiser. Dickey said the event “underscores the urgency we all feel in Texas to come together and dig in for an election fight next year that we haven’t seen in decades in Texas. There are real threats to our majorities in Texas because of the 2018 election.”

I would otherwise shrug this off, but the fact the RPT is using party funds to persuade Texas Republicans their only choice is John Cornyn, who they HAVE to send money to save, wreaks of desperation.

You don’t have to support Dwayne Stovall to be mad at this. There are 3 other Republicans running in the Primaries.

This should not stand!

If we can’t force a runoff and Cornyn wins the Primaries, there is a real chance the Democrats will beat him in November. The current leader in the Democrat Primary raised as much money as Beto and I don’t see conservatives turning out to save Cornyn the way they did Cruz.

Yet Dickey and the GOPE are putting their thumb on the scale for Cornyn. They would rather lose with a moderate than win with a conservative.

I’ll leave you with my friend’s request if you were one of the Republicans who received this letter:

Inside the envelope is a return envelope with a ‘No Postage” stamp.  I would love the grassroots to return the letter …and a note that says, “My extra $50 is going to Dwayne Stovall”.
Yours In Liberty
A.C. Swiger


Update: This Post just doesn’t want to end. I had it finished and ready to post Monday Morning and Stovall put this out Sunday Night:

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