Here We Go Again! Don't Start A Fight Unless You Are Prepared To FINISH IT!!!

I’ve been following politics since the 70s and this never changes. After Johnson created the EPA and Nixon expanded it, the Republican party spent 10 years promising to abolish it until Carter formed the NEA and the DOE.

Republicans ran for 20 years promising to repeal them till W got in and decided we should embrace the NEA with no child left behind and expanding the reach of the EPA, NEA and DOE.

Now we have spent 8 years promising to repeal Obamacare till it is too popular and the feckless jerks that run this party are scared to death to touch it!

I’ve listened to total BS about limiting government, balancing budgets, limiting regulations strengthening our military, protecting our culture, property rights, freedom of speech, worship, assembly and on and on and on!

I’ve gotten myself worked up, donated, volunteered written and fought like mad to forward the cause only to have this continuing pattern of Republicans picking fights only to surrender at the last second.

There is always a gang of something or other that plays along with us until the most devastating time to torpedo everything the party was doing.

Then Boom!!!

They drop a turd in the middle of the floor and do a Mexican hat dance around it singing the “bipartisanship”, Comity” and “My friends across the isle”!

“Everything will be fine if we just calm down!”

I just want to SCREAM….



So here we are…

Once again!

We spend 2 weeks allowing the Democrats to move us from one deadline to another without Grassley pulling the trigger!

We rightly refuse their demands to open an FBI investigation into an un-provable  misdemeanor that passed its statute of limitations 35 years ago!

Then Kavanaugh single highhandedly smashes the Democrats in the mouth and Graham finishes the job breaking their nose.

I walked into work Friday thinking “We finally won one!”

Then, less than 24 hours later along comes Jeff flake, with Collins and Murkowski waiting in the wings and gives the Democrats the FBI investigation they demanded two weeks ago.

“Why did we fight to stop an FBI investigation only to give it to them anyway?”” you might ask.

“Why,” Indeed!

And we’re supposed to be comforted because Mitch McConnell is a tactical genius and a master of Senate procedure?

“He’ll get this done, never you fear!”

We’re supposed to expect the FBI to be fair and even handed?

After 2 years of Collusion? With investigators like Strock, Page, McCabe, & Comey?


We mobilized the troops, we got all worked up and thought that we’d won Thursday.

Kavanagh did what no Republican has done in 30 years by calling the Democrats on their vicious, cold blooded and demonic lust for power…

The man highhandedly defended himself because NO ONE with an R by his name was going to do it!

Then along comes surrender caucus and lets the air out of the balloon!

So here we are…a week away from another vote?

The Dems get their FBI investigation,

They get a week to bring forth new allegations and continue to roast the Kavanaugh family on a spit!

We move one week closer to the midterms and we demoralize the base.

Trump not only orders the investigation, He tweets that he ordered the FBI to follow all leads!

A one week investigation my rosey red AXX!

And at the end of it all, the same people who were going to vote NO in the first place are still going to vote no!

And are Flake, Murkowski and Collins going to vote yes?.

Who knows?

I have serious doubts.

If they vote no, does anyone really believe Manchin or any of the red state Dems will?

And the floor battle to come? If we even get to it?

Good luck getting anyone mobilized to do it again next week.

No one is going to be willing to re-expend the energy they just expended because what’s the freaking point…the Dems will win anyway!

This is like a sick comedy; and it would be funny as hell if it wasn’t so real and predictable as a sunrise.

We keep playing the same song, dancing around a different turd…over and over and over again.

I’m sick of being the dupe who keeps falling for the “The check is in the mail,” “I will respect you in the morning” and “I won’t cheat on you again” promises we get from these fools in every fight that comes along with the same result.

“Play it again Sam!”