When Targeting Election Year Senators From "Red" States, Don't Forget Pennsylvania!

But Ace, Pennsylvania isn’t a red state.

Well, yes and no.

Don’t forget Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016. Not only that, if you are a student of history and you can look back in time farther than yesterday’s twitter feed; you might remember how Bob Casey became a Senator.

Let’s travel WAY back in time to 2006.

I know, ancient history right?

Rick Santorum was a notable Catholic Senator who rose to prominence running on social issues in the House and then the Senate. As a Senator he worked his way up to a leadership in the GOP caucus.

Democrats decided to target his seat in the Senate with a “Pro Life” Democrat by the name of Bob Casey.

I’ll never forget most of the smart set countering any suggestion Casey was too liberal for Catholic Western Pennsylvania by trotting out Casey’s pro life position.

In addition to opposition to the Iraq war, the ads and discussion throughout that election were all about Bob Casey’s pro-life positions which were largely credited as a an ingenious strategy to topple Santorum from his Senate seat.

From the NY times. High Profile Ouster in Pennsylvania


SCRANTON, Pa., Nov. 7 — A Democrat with a famous political name, Bob Casey, toppled one of the Senate’s brashest and most powerful conservatives, Rick Santorum, on Tuesday after a long, expensive and brutal campaign that was among the nation’s most closely watched.

Mr. Santorum, a close ally of President Bush and the third-ranking Senate Republican, was one of his party’s fastest-rising stars. A favorite among social conservatives, he ran as a strong supporter of the war in Iraq and tried to paint Mr. Casey as a captive of a liberal party that could not be trusted on values or national defense.

But Mr. Casey, the state treasurer and son of a popular governor, proved well defended against such charges with a conservative social record that included opposition to abortion rights and gun control. It was Mr. Casey, 46, who managed to portray Mr. Santorum as the party captive, pointing to a voting record that tied him closely to Mr. Bush in a state where exit polls showed 6 in 10 voters disapproving of the president’s job performance.

“When two politicians are agreeing 98 percent of the time, one of them isn’t necessary,” Mr. Casey said in a frequent campaign line.

So, when cutting ads and spending funds to pressure “Red State” Democrats, don’t forget Pennsylvania.

I know the source material is extensive to put a target on Casey’s back every time he uses the likely opposition to Roe V Wade of Bret Kevanaugh.