My Suspicion, (And Hope): Trump Is Playing Romney For A Chump!

Let me start this by posting my disclaimer to Trumpkin Status. I am disgusted by Trump and his childish and libertine behavior. I will confess to voting for him when the rubber hit the road after a long tug of war with myself and only decided at the last minute that if I could rationalize voting for McCain and Romney over the threat of an Obama Presidency, I could justify voting for a man I despise with slightly less contempt that I hold for those two individuals.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me get to an idea I’ve been kicking around inside my rather large cranium for a week now. Trump is toying with Romney like the kid burning ants with his magnifying glass.

Romney has proven everything I have always believed about him in the last couple weeks. After attacking Trump relentlessly during the primaries…and declaring how contemptible and unacceptable he is…he once again put his unprincipled and shameless ambition on full display in this episode as he slithered hat in hand before a man he declared the incarnation of evil on earth begging for a position in the new administration.

What is yet to be seen is whether Trump will be taken in by this cretin or if he has played a masterful game making Romney dance to his tune on a string only to cut the string and send the amazing elastic Mr. Fantastic packing with his last shred of dignity, (something Romney has always had in short supply) in tatters.

I suspect, and hope it is the latter….and hopefully when we are done, Trump can hang Romney’s head next to Jeb’s head on his wall of embarrassment for the whole leftist establishment of the Republicrat Party.