Well Marco; There You Go Again!

So here we go…”The Most Trusted Name In News” reports Rubio is being urged by senior staff to drop out of the race before being clobbered in Florida lest he destroy his political future. As a result, Cruz supporters do what any and all campaigns would and regularly do and forward a report to staff that CNN ran all day with …and now we have allegations of dirty tricks?

So now we get to hear ad nauseum how fundamentally dishonest Ted Cruz is and the culture of dishonesty fostered by Ted Cruz throughout his campaign according to the teams of Trump/Rubio…Rubio/Trump? (Is there any difference at this point?).

This election season started as a dream for me because of the multitude of awesome choices when we began. Those choices started with 2 of my favorite candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Well, the bloom has worn off the rose where Marco Rubio is concerned. Rubio has acted as a witness for the prosecution as Lead Prosecutor Trump has executed a case against Cruz for lying and dirty tricks.

I understand Rubio is fighting to win…but HOW a candidate wins matters greatly!

Passing along information to voters that is being reported in a major media outlet Is not a dirty trick! Doing so does not make Cruz a liar. Nor his campaign fundamentally dishonest. If it shows any flaw at all in the Cruz campaign it is trusting CNN to report anything honestly.

To add insult to Injury, the Rubio campaign is just as guilty in that it passed along the same false information as reported on air by CNN during the Carson fiasco!

It pains me to say this because I have so admired Rubio despite the Gang of 8 betrayal; “I have come to the conclusion Rubio is liar! His campaign is the one that is infested with a culture of dishonesty. He and His campaign are running the dirty tricks and He is utterly devoid of honor or integrity.

His willingness to smear an honest and honorable man for his own self aggrandizement tells me Rubio is so ambitious that he will do and say anything to win votes. The fact that Cruz has refused to respond in kind is evidence of Cruz’s honor and Rubio’s dirty, and slimy lack of integrity or honesty.

Shame on Marco Rubio, and shame on his despicable campaign. He has destroyed any hope he ever had of earning my support for any public office from this day forward and he is unfit to hold any further public office in my opinion!