First I’ll address the Trump infraction since it is fresh in everyone’s mind.

The discussion Cruz instigated about New York values was clearly a reference to the propensity of the financial/Media/Power triumvirate toward the liberal, blue state policies, Union Corruption and crony capitalist which are the stock in trade of metropolis.

This is what Cruz was referring to and still refers to when discussing NY values. Even Trump referenced the same leftist/corporate/media, (but I repeat myself), New York Values as pointed out by many in Conservative media.

Trump going to the values exhibited in the aftermath of the 911 attacks was a cheap shot and a low blow designed to stop the discussion, nothing more.

This isn’t the first time this tactic has been employed and the cheap shot taken. I was incensed during the first Republican debate when Christi employed the same despicable tactic against Rand Paul in a debate about whether the NSA and Federal agencies should be allowed to gather information on innocent Americans without warrants or judicial oversight. I don’t care which side of the debate you come down on, but the discussion is a legitimate discussion and shutting down the debate by employing the imagery of hugging 911 families in the aftermath of the worse terrorist attack on this country in history is underhanded and despicable as it gets.

The idea that an American’s concern for the loss of liberty somehow equates to a lack of concern for 911 victims or concern that such an attack could happen again is infuriating.

By saying what I am about to say, I am not trying to take anything away from NY because they did indeed bear the brunt of those attacks. I just want to say this. NY did not go through the 911 attacks alone. PA and Washington DC did as well. I’d be willing to bet there were people from every state in the country on those planes. AMERICA suffered and endured those attacks and AMERICA exhibited what I argue isn’t NY values, but AMERICAN VALUES in the response to 911.

NY Values as I and the rest of flyover country understand them, AND which even Donald J Trump admitted are LIBERAL/LEFT WING values. NY Values favor Partial Birth Abortion, Gay Marriage and Gays in the military. NY values represent Union corruption, Tammany Hall, Crony Capitalism and voting overwhelmingly for Democrats and progressive Republicans who hold flyover country in contempt.

THAT is the point Cruz is making!

I resent having Trump and Christi employ this tactic. I resent Christi and Trump cheapening the memory and sense of loss WE ALL experienced on September 11, 2001.

Damn you! Damn you both for soiling the memory of a tragic day and the triumphant aftermath in a cheap and crass political stunt designed to one up and silence your political opponents!