Hey Barry, It's Already AGAINST THE LAW To Shoot People! (EDITED)

It was AGAINST THE LAW to carry guns and explode bombs on the campus of Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999.

It was AGAINST THE LAW to carry guns on Fort Hood Texas November 5th, 2009.

It was AGAINST THE LAW to carry a gun onto the campus of Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

It was AGAINST THE LAW to shoot up a prayer meeting in Charlston South Carolina on June 17th, 2015.

In fact, it has always been AGAINST THE LAW to randomly, bomb, stab, kill or maim anyone, anywhere within the borders of the United States Of America.

But somehow simply having A LAW hasn’t stopped any of the scum involved in all the instances mentioned above from killing 13 in Colombine High School, 13 in Fort Hood, 27 at Sandy Hook, and 9 in Charlatan South Carolina.

Yet you want to grand stand? You want to Puff out your chest and declare you are right to “Politicize” this outrage!

Pass a law, fix the problem right?

Here is the issue. As the above named instances prove…simply passing laws doesn’t fix the problem.

I went to high school in WV in the late 70s and early eighties where every truck had at least one high powered riffle and usually a 12 guage shotgun in a gun rack and every car had a rifle or shotgun in the trunk in the fall. We all wore Buck knives on our belts or carried a pocket knife in our pocket…yet none of this death, murder and mayhem happened back then.

Yet, today, when we have gun free school zones we expel students for having fileting knives in their cars; or expel kids for drawing a gun or even chewing Pop Tarts to look like guns…yet we have murder and mayhem on an almost monthly basis.

Hmm…why is that exactly?

What has changed Barry?

I would argue the issue is a heart issue.

We teach that conscience and shame are bad things while preaching that everyone is special and entitled to feel, do anything and act in any way that makes them feel better.

We teach if you don’t get your way or everything you want, it is someone else’s fault and it is ok for the government to take it away to give it to you! You are so special. YOU are entitled and if YOU can’t or wont EARN it, it is fine for you to TAKE IT!

In entertainment we celebrate the degenerates who live by the rule “If it feels good do it!”

We are a society who cuts up babies for profit. Babies who are butchered by the millions for convenience.

We as a nation who turn a blind eye to the obvious fact that if you are harvesting a HUMAN heart, and a HUMAN liver, or a HUMAN brain from a HUMAN fetus, YOU ARE KILLING A HUMAN BEING!

Not only that, its not enough that this is allowed in our contry, you and members of BOTH PARTIES are fine with using tax dollars to PAY FOR IT…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

GONE is any sense of personal responsibility, empathy for your fellow man or consideration for anyone other than one’sself.

All this while we jail, fine and deny the ability to earn a living to business owners and family owned corporations for daring to follow the dictates of their conscience or the tenets of their faith.

We tax, jail condemn, belittle and demean anyone who doesn’t knuckle under to the new order. Anyone who disagrees or dares to object are haters unworthy of consideration, are subject to scorn and ridicule or even worthy of death.

We are a society who denies the truth of the golden rule and makes it impossible to state the truth that one should treat others the way we want to be treated in public and in our schools.

We are not allowed to discuss the ten commandments, post nativities in the public square, pray and fellowship with one another in our government buildings, school facilities or in public gatherings.

We’ve banned Bibles and faith from our public discourse and declared evil only to exist when it is a Christian.

We are prohibited to teach, study, express or even consider the wisdom of the ages written down in the Bible chronicling thousands of years of history and experience of a people.

We celebrate the speech of bigots like Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher while censoring the speech of Christians in public forums….but I digress.

To top it ALL off, now YOU want to ignore what this gunman asked before he shot these victims…”What is your religion? If you were a Christian, you got shot in the head….if not…you were shot in the leg…

Finally, You sir, have conducted yourself in office as if THE LAW DOESNT APPLY TO YOU.

YOU have set an example for all of us, that if a law is inconvenient, it can and should just be ignored.

Well BARRY…Tell me again how another law will do anything to prevent anything like this from happening again.

History has proven; (and will continue to prove), a law won’t make a difference…and YOU have proven by your conduct in office that law doesn’t matter when it is an inconvenience to your entitled self.

I would argue that we will only stop this when we reestablish a respect for the law…when our leaders and courts once again show a respect for the law as embodied by our Constitution and the Creator consulted during its addoption.

This will only stop when we show a respect for life and stop the butchery of tens of millions of babies in the name of choice and convenience.

Finally, this will only stop when we cease the marketing of murdered children in the name research and progress.

(I will note you and your Party are dead set against ending this barbarity so please spare me your moral posturing and feigned indignation!)

Finally, we will never be able to stop this short of a respect for THE natural law cited by our founders as given in the pages of scripture. YOU once claimed to read these scriptures and I believe you know deep down this senseless butchery won’t stop until our “Body Politic” can freely acknowledge the only law and law giver that matters as the GOD of heaven you and those like you have expended so much effort expelling from that very same “BODY POLITIC!”

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