PSST!! Did You Hear The One About The GOP Establishment Consultants' New Found Conservative Principles? [Edited]

Let me preface what I am about to say by denying my Trumpette Status for those of you that will no doubt go there. I am a [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] guy to the core and will back him to the end.

I will admit to flirting with Carly though I have a healthy dose of skepticism where she is concerned, (due to my long memory of McCain’s endorsements of her some time back).

That said, I am having a laugh a minute at all the new found concern about the unprincipled conservative credentials of Donald Trump coming from the very assclowns that spent the last two elections cramming McCain and Romney down our throats. They did this all the while proclaiming John McRomney’s lack of conservative credentials shouldn’t bother us and we should just get over it and get in line.

Now we have Jeb Mcromneybush carping about how Trump can’t be trusted because he’s not conservative!


This is the guy that started out his primary run with the proclamation that he plans to lose the primaries, (read’ “throw conservatives overboard and pander to the moderate left”), so he can win the general election.

I mean…with Genius like that…who really gives a rat’s rear end if Trump is moderately left of center…isn’t that what “JEB!” proclaimed was necessary to win the White House in 16 when he spouted that too cute by half “Lose the Primaries to win the General” idiocy?

Oh…and the consultants…Trump has them all in a tizzy…Trump is where he is and generating real buzz without paying any of them their usual exorbitant fees.

This is REALLY galling for the best and brightest among us because Trump has exposed the degrees they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for, as so much toilet paper and the conventional wisdom they have spent decades cultivating as nothing more than smoke and fantasy.

I mean…they spent the better part of a decade learning to manipulate us rubes, dolts and bitter clingers into voting for their center left “ELECTABLE” clown candidates and in a matter of weeks he has exposed them as clueless idiots.

And the money guys? The party bosses and GOP apparatchiks who have manipulated the primary system in recent years? The ones who perfected front loading blue states in the primary lineup and compressing the primary schedule so their big money guys can overwhelm the system and forestall any challenges to their “Electable Moderate” candidates?

Trump has knocked them on their backsides by stepping in and buying his way in…he’s beat them at the money game with his own money and frozen them out of their own game with his endless streams of cash. Hell…they have nooone to blame but themselves for setting the stage for Trump to march in and take it.

AND the richest part of it is…they can’t credibly argue, (though they are trying), that Trumpt isn’t sufficiently principled to be the Republican nominee becasue they spent the last two presidential election campaigns attacking anyone who argued for principled leadership as purists and simplistic bufoons incapable of compromise while proclaiming ideas of principles as an over simplified and quaint notion of a bygone era.

And the cherry on top of everything, Trump has exposed Boy Bush as an empty suit and a lost cause who only weeks ago was seen as unbeatable because of all the money lined up behind him.

As I said, I’m a Cruz guy and don’t see myself pulling the lever for Trump unless I’m faced with a choice of Trump vs Bush, Graham, Christy, Pataki or Casich….But I thank him for the service he has done us by taking the wind out of Jeb’s sails and exposeing the rest of the establishment as the un-principled, unscroupulous and bumbling, fools we have always known they are.

So…for now…Thank you Donald

Pass the popcorn!

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