On the Braggart Verses The Humble.

My thoughts on the comments by Oshie after the Hockey Win yesterday.

You know, it’s a sad commentary on our society when a simple act of humility by an athlete is seen as extraordinary.

The generations before us served and accomplished miraculous feats from founding a nation out of the wilderness to storming the beaches of the wold not as conquerors, but a s liberators. Our history is littered with accomplishments of epic proportions from uniting a continent by rail to stepping off on the face of the moon.

These were times when the braggart was frowned upon and sometimes even hated. It was believed that if your actions merited notice, others would make note. If an action required a person to call attention to their own accomplishment, it wasn’t accomplishment enough to be recognized in the first place.

I lost interest in sports years ago with Mark Gasteneau and the constant parade of clowns that followed him because of the “Hey look at me and how great I am” crap. I’ve had my fill of watching the chest thumping and shameless self promoting so pervasive in Collegiate and professional sport and I’ve divorced myself from it as a result.

Asked by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Dejan Kovacevic how he felt about being called a national hero after his four-goal performance against the Russians in the United States’ dramatic overtime victory, Oshie immediately dismissed the idea.

“The American heroes are wearing camo,” he replied. “That’s not me.”

Oshie is a breath of fresh air amongst the gaseous stink that has dominated this country for far to long when it comes to sports and so much more.

You ARE a hero Oshie…you are MY hero….not because you called attention to yourself, but because of your humble spirit and the example you set for the US and the next generation!

Let’s just pray your humble heart is contagious.