AceInTX: New Years Questions For My Left Leaning Friends.

By posting these, I am not trying to offend anyone or attack anyone. I am Just asking a couple questions to evoke thought from my left leaning friends and family.

Why aren’t we asking as a country:

1) Instead of constantly signing up new people for food stamps and unemployment, while constantly increasing the amount they can collect, why aren’t we focusing on creating jobs so these people won’t need food stamps and can buy their own food? Do you realize if we did provide jobs for these people to move into, we wouldn’t need to spend what we are now spending to continue this constant malaise?

2) Instead of trying to take wealth from the “Rich”, and give it to the “poor and middle class” why aren’t we focusing on clearing the way for the “Poor and Middle Class” to become the “Rich”? Do you realize, if we create more rich, there would be more people to pay taxes and provide funds for a cash strapped and failing government?

3) Instead of increasing the minimum wage for those stuck in entry level jobs, why aren’t we focusing on creating more middle income jobs for entry level workers to move into?

4) What happened to taking care of yourself in this country and taking pride in making your own way instead of envying someone who has more than you and scheming ways to get the government to take it away from them and give it to you?

5) Is having 7% to 8% unemployment considered the “new normal” acceptable?

6) Does anyone find it Ironic that after 40 years defending abortion by attacking pro lifers for trying to insert themselves between a woman and her Dr., that the left is now inserting the government between women and their doctors by using advisory panels to determine the cost effectiveness of some treatments and denying access to certain treatments deemed too costly based on a patient’s life expectancy and quality of life?

If you’re OK with the way things are going now, and answered these questions differently than I would, then fine. I respect your opinions and defend your right to hold opinions in opposition to mine.

I promise not to call you a hater, or accuse you of intolerance or wanting to starve, deprive and otherwise torture and abuse little puppies for thinking differently than I do.

All I ask is that you do the same!