On Self Righteous Lynch Mobs

I’m going to say something on the A&E/Phil Robertson thing, and then I’m done talking about this.

We’ve become a nation of people who listen to what others say and parse every word looking for something to be offended about. We twist each others words and we read meaning into what is being said that was not intended by the one saying it.

Then we go off in fits of outrage, some of it real, some of it feigned and demand the other person’s head on a platter.

I’m pledging here and now to no longer play the censorship game demanding people pay for the outrageous things they say. I’ll criticize the Martin Bashirs for calling for someone to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth, and I’ll even call out Phil Robertson for saying some things that shouldn’t have been said the way he said them.

But I won’t participate any longer in the calls to censor them. What Bashear said speaks for itself…let his words stand, and let his ignorance speak for itself.

Ditto others like the Westboro Baptist Church crew.

My take on them is this, I will stand with the Gay rights crowd in condemning the idea that GOD hates Gays and soldiers are dying because of gays…I mean…Come on…how asinine is that? I might even knock a few of their heads for saying it if given the chance…but I’ll stand up to the gay rights crowd to defend their right to say it.

Let them put their asininity on full display for all to see…why do we fear letting them show their idiocy? We should cheer them on to do more to be-clown and marginalize themselves.

Ditto Phil Robertson. Were I to meet the man, I’d agree with him on some of what he said…and I’d take issue with him on some of it….but I’ll defend his right to say it.

But I draw the line at pressuring people’s bosses to fire people I disagree with. I’m opposed to ginning up witch hunts to virtually burn people at the stake for saying things that offend me or anyone else. I refuse to join the lynch mobs and outrage rioters who are hell bent on destroying anyone they self righteously define as offensive…

Just remember this the next time you mount your high horse and sling the rope of outrage over that limb…How long will it be before someone reads meaning into something you said that you never intended.

What happens when YOU become the object of the outrage?