We have a redundant link to front page writers who are visible on the front page already, and a redundant link to Redundant links for Erick’s Posts which can be viewed on the front page AND the front page writer’s link; yet there is no link for diarists.

This site was ruined when the “Cracken” was unleashed to dump popular writers with a PERMANENT ban rather than a probationary time out. This was done because these writers admittedly became an issue by freezing out some writers in the diaries from the recommended diaries list, but really…what do we have NOW? No Diaries? Or Diaries that are hidden from view and are never read anymore?

It was further crapped on with a Republican Convention week roll out that destroyed long time features that made Red State a unique site for friends to get together to discuss, debate, network, teach and learn about the issues of the day. No longer was it possible to discuss what can be done to advance the Republican/Conservative cause.

It’s become impossible to track comments and carry on a debate on the site and reply to commenters. It’s further complicated by being impossible to follow threads where readers and commenters can engage in a point counter point discussion of issues.

Debate has died on this site and the sense of community that was Red State and what made the site so spectacular is DEAD!

The vehicle which propelled Erick to national name recognition has been shut down and the door closed to these who would follow in his footsteps.

And now?

The administrators remove the Diaries or any link to them from the front page and make it impossible for any, members and non members alike to find them or to even know Diaries exist on Red State.

Yeah…I know…if I don’t like it…take a hike….ask for a refund….I’ve heard it all!

Maybe it’s time certain moderators get there way and ban me from the site as has been threatened for so long!

At this point…who cares? Red State has become a boring, tired copy of the Human events site.

Congratulations Erick and the others who have been propelled to prominence in the world of political discussion and punditry…and congratulations on the destruction of the goose that laid the golden egg for you.

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