At What Point Does The Republican Party Invite The Broke Back Duo To Join The Democrat Party Where They Belong?

Seriously, What do we gain for carrying their sorry butts along anyway?

According to the Asshat in chief,

“What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those who say the rules of the Senate are being abused,”

Well Let me ask you, you MORON, if the Attorney General of the United States Of America and the President of the United States believe they have the unilateral and unrestricted right under our Constitution to act as Judge, Jury and Executioner against an American citizen on American Soil, is that not a legitimate time to “Abuse” the rules of the Senate?

And Graham?

Mr. Graham said asking whether the president has the power to kill Americans here at home is a ludicrous question.

“I do not believe that question deserves an answer,” Mr. Graham said.

Well let me ask you, Little Miss Lyndsey, If you ask the question, “Does the President have the unrestricted and unappealable right to order a drone strike execution of an American Citizen on American Soil” and the Atty General answers in the affirmative….is it really a Ludicrous question to ask?

Never Mind the Bill Of Rights which entitles all Americans to a right to trial by jury and a presumption of innocence until being found guilty by a jury of their peers.

In fact, I would argue any American has those same rights no matter where they are in the world.

“But Ace”, you say, if they are terrorists, they should be taken out.

It depends how and who determines the definition of what a terrorist is, and whether a certain individual fits that criteria.

By and large I agree that if they are caught and killed in the act of committing an act of terror where there is a threat of imminent death or damage to vital interests then by all means…have at them…Or…if they have been tried in a court of law, in fact…or in absentia…AND CONVICTED…Then I say, blast their backsides home to Allah and their forty virgins and you’ll have me singing your praises.

But to have the Attorney General and President of the United States take unto themselves the right to kill any American at any time without any regard to the separation of powers, the rights of an individual to be deemed innocent until proven guilty, a right to a trial by jury, a right to appeal his conviction, a right to any opportunity for judicial review of Obama and Holder’s arbitrary judgment of what constitutes a terrorist or any other right provided to any and all Americans by divine providence, natural law and the Constitution itself?

May GOD Bless Rand Paul for his stand and those who are standing with him in the performance of his first and highest duty to life and liberty.

May a curse be upon the weak kneed in both parties who are too lazy, scared or unprincipled to stand with him.

AND may GOD Damn John Sidney McCain and Lindsey Graham for assisting this President in the the subjugation of our rights under GOD and the Constitution, and being willing participants in the direct violation of our GOD given rights under the bill of rights.

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