Bring Back The "Tax & Spend Liberal" Monicker

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I think it’s time I laid something out that has been gnawing at me for quite a while. I’ll start by asking a question that will sum up my point.

Once the party spends the time to develop a brand that perfectly describes the Democrats and get’s that brand imprinted on the American People’s consciousness…Why do Republican strategists move away from using that brand and leave all the gains they made using that brand behind?

What I’m talking about is the label we once used during the Reagan years that described the Democrat’s governing philosophy and put them on the defensive

Reagan was a master at using the “Tax and Spend Liberal” label to brand the Democrats…and everything they did.

In my memory, Reagan hardly ever referred to the Democrats without using the descriptor of “Tax & Spend”. It was used as a term of derision…it was used as a term to marginalize and ridicule the Democrat’s penchant for taxing the rich in all circumstances and throwing money haphazardly at every problem and damn the results.

Isn’t it a shame that we don’t stay on something we’ve successfully used to hammer the democrats? Is it that RINO consultants and beltway power brokers are trying to curry favor with the beltway media and the “So Called Objective Press?”

It was driven into the American psych that the Democrats every answer to every problem was to “Tax the rich” and “Throw money at every problem” It was as much a part of American Parlance as that Maxwell House is “good to the last drop” or “Got Milk” or Campbells Soup is “MM MMM Good”

I’ll never forget the 90s and the constant whining for Democrats and their main stream media enablers about conservatives constant use of labels because this was so effective or the demands from the Dems and the so called objective press that we quit using the labels…

Here is my thinking on this…The Democrats are masters at the spin game…they find something that works…and they relentlessly hammer it home. No matter what the other side says…no matter what question is asked…they answer with the same lines…the same phraseology…over and over again until they’ve driven it into the American consciousness.

So why don’t we use this? Why have we walked away from such a iconic turn of phrase?

The ground work has already been laid…anyone who has been around since the 80s knows the term and why it was so effective against Carter, Clinton and many other Dems of the day. All we would need to do is reintroduce it to a new generation of activist, bloggers, and alternative media and drive it home for the next sixty days.

It’s simple really…and it speaks to everything we know to be true about the Obama, Pelosi, Ried axis.

Can someone name for me one policy proposal from this axis that doesn’t advocate raising taxes?

Can anyone name one policy proposal from this axis that doesn’t involve wild spending increases?

Can anyone name one policy from the this axis that can’t be explained by using the Tax and Spend label?

Can anyone name a better label we can use that would adequately describe every single policy the Obama, Pelosi, Ried axis has pursued over the last four years?

Let’s bring the label back today…and start pounding the “Tax And Spend Liberal” drum every time Obama, Ried, Pelosi, the Democrat party or any other Democrat around are off pushing their class envying tax increases or demanding we spend yet more trillions that we don’t have on magic solutions brought about by central planning wizards!

I know it will put them on defense…I know it will leave them sputtering….I know it will keep them trying to justify their own failed tax and spend legacy of the last three years!