Are We Going To Roll Out A New Version of Red State In August Of 2016

I mean no disrespect so please take the following questions in the spirit intended. I am trying to point out the issues I see with the recent changes…in the hopes we don’t repeat it 4 years from now.

This makes two successive elections when we’ve rolled out a new version of Red State within 60 days of the election causing Diary disruptions, problems with thread comments and otherwise screwing up information flow, discussion and debate right when things get most interesting, intense and the news volume for Republicans/Conservatives is at an absolute peak.

I wouldn’t accuse anyone of orchestrating this to deliberately interfere with the information flow of the site and limiting the opportunity to descent from the show being put on in Florida…but I might start wondering if we pull this in 2016.

I like a lot of the changes…and I know that roll-outs of new products always include unforeseeable problems…which is why I am simply amazed this happened in 2008 with the RS 2.0/3.0 fiasco and followed 4 years later with this change.

My questions right now are, since I was in the middle of a debate earlier in a thread that had over 100 posts, and the thread was basically wiped out and started over….is this a glitch that only affected that thread…or can we expect this from now on?

If so, is it possible to fix this so we can view the entire thread if we wish or can we just count on comments being limited and the debates ending abruptly going forward.

I’ll simply comment that if this is to be expected going forward…we can probably count on Red State going the way of Free Republic and other sites that got to big and user unfriendly and ended up driving off the grass roots that were a huge part of their success.

Second, will the moderators be addressing the requests that something be done about font size and the stark white nature of the site?

Third, Is there any way of reducing the the Human Events block to one column’s width and moving up the recent comments block so we don’t have to scroll clear to the bottom of the page in order to be able to view recent comments?

Finally is there a way to fix comment tracking to show which comments made have replies so that we can go to the individual replys and comment on the replies.