Politico/Molly Ball Attempts Balanced Take On Palin Emails: Alas, PDS Wins The Day

So I’m reading yesterday morning with no plans to write anything and I come across Molly Ball at the top of the page at Politico:

Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails

It absolutely cracks me up and would rank up there with the greatest pieces of parody ever written if it weren’t meant to be a serious report about Sarah Palin’s emails and time as governor.

Molly Ball is obviously trying to play at being fair and balanced and starts out with a sing songy narrative about what a caring, thoughtful, competent, powerful Governor Palin used to be alternating with what Palin has become…but that only lasted a paragraph….as the Lame stream media is want to do…the whole thing descends into childish and catty PDS rantings from there on.

To hear Molly describe it, (whether the description be direct, or by inference) the old Palin is “Lost”.

What was lost according to Mrs. Ball?

Well, “the popular, charismatic, competent woman of the people.” Palin used to be of course.

Sarah used to be “…warm and supportive with her staff” she was a governor who “frequently misspells in haste or phonetically (“nonsensicle” for “nonsensical”)”.

Palin is such a doofus don’t you know?

Now she’s become an “airhead” or a “prima donna”.

Continuing on with her narrative of the two Sarahs…Mrs. Ball tells us Palin used to be “active in guiding policy, a self-assured politician who knows where she stands. When she feels she’s been left out of the loop.”

This, as opposed to now where she “whines constantly about her treatment by the press.” As if she didn’t have reason or justification.

Palin “uses subterfuge to manipulate her image, ghostwriting a letter to the editor praising her, for instance, of(or?) conducting a phony television interview in which she reads answers from a teleprompter.”

Apparently Ole Moll is an arm chair psychologist in addition to being a crack pot Politico journalist because she has now diagnosed Palin as a paranoid!

“She increasingly sees enemies all around, repeatedly demanding to know whether her privacy has been breached.”

Mrs. Ball continues the Palin is a paranoiac line with this bit of psychobabble:

“She convinces herself that rumors about her last pregnancy have been deliberately and maliciously spread by an enemy in the state Legislature.”

Somehow Ole Moll doesn’t trouble herself with the possibility that Palin might know what she’s talking about in this instance….I mean…someone started this rumor…right?

Is it possible it could have been started by an enemy in the state legislature as opposed to an enemy from parts unknown? Has it occurred to the all knowing Molly Ball that maybe Palin knows full well the source of the rumors that Trig is actually Bristol’s child?

Of course not…there is no way Sarah Palin could be privy to knowledge or evidence that hasn’t been indexed and cataloged in Molly Ball’s all knowing mind.

These possibilities don’t concern Mrs. Ball…Besides…We wouldn’t want to ruin a good narrative with troubling facts or details…Palin is paranoid…that’s all there is to it and that ends the discussion.

Putting her Journ-o-List hat back on Mrs. Ball rambles on firing one cheap shot after another in rapid succession:

Palin is prone to “darker tendencies — defensiveness, thin skin, grudge-keeping — hardened into tics.”.

So now Dr. Ball has diagnosed Sarah as having a psycho/motor disorder commonly exhibited by individuals with Genetic disorders, Psychosomatic anxiety disorders or brain damage induced by oxygen deprivation or head trauma?

What a brilliant person this Molly Ball.

Thought that ended it?

Nope….Ball goes on…and on it seems.

Palin is “doctrinaire” a “Knee jerk partisan”,

Sarah Palin is “Paranoid” (But Molly already said that didn’t she?).

Palin is “Belligerent”, has a “chip on her shoulder”

Finally….Palin is…gasp…“gleefully antagonistic”!

Of course Mrs. Ball couldn’t be accused of being antagonistic could she? Not on the merits of this example of Journ-o-Listic excellence.

Yet still it goes on.

Sarah has become a “polarizing….freelance sharp-tongued partisan” accusing the sweet and innocent so called “objective press” of engaging in “Blood Libel”.

Yeah Sarah…why can’t you just shut up and take it when the press en masse accuses you of being responsible for every left wing paranoid schizophrenic off his meds, (this one was diagnosed by real doctors by the way), who picks up a gun and shoots a congresswoman half a continent away from Alaska and has no connection to you whatsoever?

How dare you Sarah Palin?

The petulance! The arrogance! What unmitigated gall you exhibit in daring to confront the so called “objective press” when they get it so wrong as they try to grind you into pulp….don’t you know you’re supposed to lie down and take it?

Finally I’ll point out the irony of Mrs. Ball actually trying to make the leap from what a great, caring and sympathetic person Sarah Palin was before entering the national political scene to what a “brittle, divisive caricature” Palin has become while pretending the press had nothing to do with creating that caricature!

As if there haven’t been nearly three years of constant and unrelenting yellow journalism and vitriolic fire from the so called “objective press” aimed at Palin, her husband, and even her children for Pete’s sake!

Molly Ball wants to gloss over the belligerence of a journalist renting the home next to Palin’s so he can spy on her family’s comings and goings on a 24/7 basis.

Sarah should forget the hordes of so called “objective journalists” digging through her trash in Alaska and hounding her bus tour whining because she won’t kiss their collective back sides, play by their rules, and open herself and her family up to more of their propagandistic, hateful and despicable abuse.

Sarah should forgive and forget all the gotcha questions and media traps unrelentingly laid in her path for three solid years by a press that patronizes us all by telling us they are objective and just report the news.

“Just the facts mam….We just report the facts.”

Palin should forgive the fact that every Palin hater from the darkest corner of Alaska to the swamps of the Florida Panhandle has been given a megaphone by the “main stream media” to spread any and all lies they can concoct in their feeble minds.

Ball would like to act surprised by Palin’s transformation from, (as she describes it), an “upstart, “natural” political activist to hardened, combative figure”.

But how could she be surprised?

I mean, after the last three years of having supposedly objective purveyors of the news twist Palin’s every word and utterance into something unrecognizable from what was actually said…after three years of having her name, her family and her deepest and dearest held beliefs held up for scorn and ridicule….after three years of having her character, honor, motives and intelligence dragged through the mud in a fashion that would make Saul Alinski himself blush…do these vermin really expect her to cow tow to them and lay out the red carpet for them?

Some one PLEASE tell me…why would she? Why should she?

I think she’s handling them just as she should…she is treating them as they have treated her….and she’s winning by doing so because she’s showing them to be the crass, shallow and petulant children they really are.

They’ve puffed themselves up to be “would be” king makers and she proves with each mile on the odometer of her bus that they are irrelevant to her. Her fate rests in HER hands and they are powerless to stop her if she chooses to run…

Therein lies the reason for all the vitriol, propaganda and naked hatred of Sarah Palin by the so called “objective press”.

They can’t stop her. They can’t intimidate her. They can’t make her play by their rules. They can’t trash her as they have so many other conservatives and have their narratives stand unchallenged because she’ll take it back from them and beat their brains in with it….and that scares the ever living hell out of them.

I’m not a Palinista and as of now I have no plans to back her should she run, (unless Perry or another big gun refuses to come in to supplement the current lackluster Republican field…at which point I’ll be giving her another look). But this kind of crap makes me WANT to back her and give my full throated support for Palin if for no other reason than to spit in the eyes of the Molly Balls of the so called objective press!

Have you no decency Molly?…and what of the rest of your Journ-o-list cronies?.


At long last….is there no decency or truth left in any of you?

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