The Only Thing More Breathtaking than Newt's Statements Concerning Ryan's Budget Was The House GOP's Response

I mean…talk about an immediate and unrelenting slap down.

Which is awesome. Newt was being Newt and doing what Newt does best…flap his gums incessantly while patting himself on the back for how brilliant he himself is until both feet are lodged up to the ankles in his gaping maw!

What’s so brilliant and awe inspiring about this however…isn’t the enormity of said gaping maw…or the incredible contortions one must make with ones body to get one’s feet firmly lodged into one’s mouth…nay…that is impressive…but not nearly as awe inspiring as the fact that he continues to rattle on with both feet thus buried.

But Newt being Newt isn’t what prompted me to write this….what has truly made my day is the full throated and glorious response that has come from the Congressional Delegation of the GOP.

I can’t think of a more marvelous slap down than we’ve experienced in the House GOP’s response to Newt’s idiocy….which has me puzzled.


I mean…who knew they could be so effective pounding anyone into spitting and sputtering and backtracking as the House GOP has done to Newt.

I don’t condemn it…..I give it my full throated hosanna, Amen and Hallelujah!

It’s about time they woke up and unloaded on the lunacy that has infected DC.

Yet the puzzlement remains.

And my question. is this.

Why now? Why do they’; to a man, wake up form their lethargic slumber to slap down Newt so decisively…so exquisitely artful that the act was an angelic sight to behold….

It was done in a way that displays brilliance, passion and unmatched glory when they haven’t been able to muster so much as a “hey wait a minute” when dealing with Senate and White House Dems.

Quite the contrast isn’t it?

Would that they were half as forceful and effective against Barry and Harry.

But of course…Newt’s a Republican isn’t he….there’s no harm in slamming a Republican when he’s being an idiot….but Pinch and his minions at the Grey Lady wouldn’t be happy if they went after Barry and Harry with such force, vigor and reckless abandon.

No…if Newt were a Dem….we’d have heard every word of response begun with a “my friend from pick your state”…..and ended with a couple “I look forward to working across the Isle from pick your state”.

But Newt….no we’ll gun him down in the street without a second’s hesitation…and we’ll fill him so full of holes in the process that there is nothing but hamburger where a chest once was.

Again…They are right to go after Newt…and they couldn’t have been more brilliant in the take down…it’s just a sad and sorry shame that they can’t do likewise against thouse who would destroy this country from within.

Oh well…back to sleep now…let’s not force anyone to confront the demons facing us every day…back to sleep lest we make the so called “Objective Press” and the news wires unhappy.

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