Awww...Poor Omar Bin Ladin Upset That Daddy Is Now Chum: Threatens To Sue The USA: Why I Support Him

So, Drudge has a couple Articles up about how little Omar Bin Laden is upset that his pappy has now passed through the bowels of untold numbers of fish, crab and other ocean borne carrion and now serves as the main course for plankton and other microbes as fish feces.

Not only is he upset, he is threatening to file suit against the United States.

Let me state without reservation that I want him to file his suit. I can’t think of anything better that could happen. I think the idea is brilliant and I can’t WAIT for him to do so.

What’s that?

No I haven’t lost my mind. I’ll explain my support for the suit later…lets fist deal with Omar’s feeling so demeaned.


Omar, who is Bin Laden’s fourth eldest son, claimed he and the Al Qaeda chief’s other children are reserving the right to take legal action in the U.S. and internationally to ‘determine the true fate of our vanished father’, said the SITE Intelligence Group, an online monitoring service.

He also branded his father’s burial at sea as a ‘humiliation’ for his family.


So Omar and his siblings feel Humiliated do they?

Aww…that’s so sad.

I feel for him…I really do. I’m sad that Omar’s daddy didn’t think or concern himself with the humiliation 3000 Americans and their families suffered when they took that awesome ride to the ground from 110 stories in the air.

It really pains me that Pappa Bin Laden didn’t concern himself with the humiliation of those American souls who threw themselves from the top of that building to escape the flames as everything around them was being consumed…

And it concerns me that daddy didn’t think of the humiliation he was heaping on his little darlings when he decided to make himself Public Enemy number one in America and force tens of millions of Americans watch in horror as those in the towers held hands and took that minutes long plunge to their death.

Speaking of his little darlings…I wonder if any of Omar’s offspring were among the Islamic brats who were dancing in the streets throwing candy while our countrymen met with disaster in NY, PA and the Pentagon?

And the threatened law suit?

Son says bin Laden sea burial demeans family: report

From this article we get this gem:

The letter said, in part: “We hold the American President (Barack) Obama legally responsible to clarify the fate of our father, Osama bin Laden, for it is unacceptable, humanely and religiously, to dispose of a person with such importance and status among his people, by throwing his body into the sea in that way, which demeans and humiliates his family and his supporters and which challenges religious provisions and feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims.”

Say that again?

…it is unacceptable, humanely and religiously, to dispose of a person with such importance and status among his people,…

All I can say is…you can be grateful it wasn’t me making the call on how his body would be dealt with because I’d have had his body hanging by it’s heals at ground zero for a week, (never mind making sure he was buried the same day).Then I would have had him dismembered, ground into hamburger and distributed to every pig farm in America to be fed to the swine.

Good luck getting with 72 virgins after becoming pig manure in the bottom of a hog wallow.


Sue us?

Please do!!!


When you do, I hope every single person who lost a father, son, daughter, mother, or child in daddy’s day of triumph is ready and waiting with a counter suit so they can extract compensation from your family for the pain, suffering and anguish this person of “such importance and status among YOUR people” inflicted upon their loved ones.

By all accounts, the Bin Laden family are quite well to do and prominent members of the Saudi Ruling class. I’m sure their fortune would go quite a way toward compensating, in some small way, 911 families before the last thin dime of the Bin Ladin fortune is distributed to these poor demeaned Americans who have paid so dearly for daddy’s acts of jihad.

I pray you open that door…and I pray the resultant backlash and counter suit will leave you and all your relatives begging in the street.

Father or not…if you dare put Osama Bin Ladin up on a pedestal and open the can of worms you are threatening…you deserve nothing less than an end to the Bin Ladin Fortune and utter destitution!