9:35 pm CST Apparently he was hit by a US air strike one week ago and they have held off an announcement till DNA confirmation can be obtained.

9:57 pm CST: Indications are Body is in US Custody and DNA confirmation of OBL Death has been obtained.

10:11 pm CST Obama killed in Mansion in or near Islamabad Pakistan. Relatives sent tissue samples to confirm identity

10:14 pm CST Reports he may have been shot at close range. My speculation it is a special ops operation that took him out

10:20 pm CST No surprise, Leaks started from Congress as soon as National Security briefings began upon positive ID

10:23 pm CST World Leaders call for heightened security to facilities and personnel. Expect retaliatory attacks

10:24 pm CST Reports are OBL was taken via ground operation. My instinct that this was a Special Ops take down appears to be confirmed.

10:26 pm CST Crowds gathering at White House chanting “USA…USA…USA!!!”

10:32 pm CST Personal Note: My fear has always been that we would be denied justice and OBL would die from kidney disease My prayer is that the round that finished him was an American round fired from an American rifler aimed by and American Soldier and that OBL saw the shooter just before the round turned out his lights

10:40 pm CST No Surprise…Obama makes statement…I did this I did that I did everything…Bush did nothing…sigh

10:46 pm CST POTUS joint ground operation took him out

10:48 Statement from Bush who was informed earlier tonight. “The fight against terrorism goes on. Tonight we have sent an unmistakable message that we will not rest until justice is served.”

More Later

God Bless whoever pulled the trigger!

As I Christian I hope OBL came to know The REAL Messiah before he was dispatched to meet his maker…while at the same time I praise the LORD for hastening that meeting!