“Scorched Earth Purists” VS "The Stupid Party Elites"

I wrote this in a reply to some in Ericks FP Post today “House Republicans Leaders Want Democrats, Not Conservatives, To Vote For Their Budget”.

Even after all this time, there are those who would scold anyone who dares stand on principle of any kind…and I’ve had my fill of the condescending snarkiness of some as exhibited in the Thread in Erick’s Post…below is my answer (with major editing):

I’m reading the usual drivel from the usual suspects about purity tests impatience and the usual straw man arguments…

Here’s my take.

It’s not impatience at Republicans who are not doing anything!

It’s not “Scorched Earth Purity Tests” that have caused frustration to boil over at Republicans in Congress

It’s the pattern….

It’s Lucy promising once again if we’ll just run at the ball in an attempt to kick it…just one more time…this time….THIS TIME…THIS TIME will really be different….THIS TIME she REALLY won’t pull the ball away at the last minute and send us flying through the air yet again to land on our keesters.

Let’s review some history.

Many of us cried foul when the Geniuses in leadership came out with the Contract with America and promised to immediately cut $100 Billion from the budget if voters put them in charge of the House of Representatives.

We were attacked then as purists and anti FisCons for daring to question the promise…As if we’d object to cutting $100 Billion Dollars out of budget what included 16 times that amount…

But it was never our argument that we shouldn’t cut that much…Our argument was “Don’t make the promise if you don’t intend to carry through with it!”

Many of us knew this promise wasn’t worth the paper it was written on and we knew when the Geniuses in leadership didn’t fulfill that promise…it wouldn’t be the Democrats who were blamed for their failure to keep the promise…all we’d hear about was Republican hypocrisy in promising to make the cuts and their predictable failure to do so.

Many of us understand that cynically making a promise that you have no intention of living up to is poison when trying to build trust with the voters and the American People. But that didn’t stop the attacks for our criticism…and it didn’t stop the Geniuses from making their promise!

But I digress:

The Geniuses won with our help…

So what happened to the promise to immediately cut $100 Billion from the budget?

The Geniuses began…before the oath of office was even administered…by announcing that it would be a tough deal to actually do what they had clearly and plainly promised to do…(even while those of us being accused of purism were saying they were full of crap)…

Then they worked the bill through committee and marked up the legislation and the promised $100 Billion became $60 Billion without so much as a rumor of a fight from the Dems…there was no fight…there was no compromise to get something from the Dems in return for the $40 Billion cave….they just caved in typical Stupid Party fashion.

So here we are now….The Senate Democrats haven’t even passed a bill yet….They just stand and shout “Shutdown” and the Geniuses dutifully tuck their tails and wet themselves with every utterance of the word…

There is no criticism of the Democrats for refusing to pass a bill so they can iron this out in conference….There is no discussion of how little this cut is compared to the $1.6 TRILLION deficit this year. There is no daily demand that the Democrats in the Senate man up and do something…Oh I know…there is the occasional half hearted statement on friendly media outlets like Fox…but really…are they even attempting to fight a PR battle here?

No…There are just endless gestures of compromise…one CR after another and a declaration that no matter what it takes…no matter what baby is split to prevent it…there WILL BE NO GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN….Just stand your ground Harry Ried and we’ll give you your wildest dreams…

It has always been so…has it not?

Now we find out that the Geniuses are planning on forming a coalition with Blue Dog Dems and plan to stiff arm Conservatives?!

This, no doubt, will mean the promised $100 Billion in cuts won’t even be $10 Billion by the time these whimpering sniveling, craven curs and cowards capitulate themselves into a cowering quivering mess on the floor….

Yet here we are…

Those of us who said, “don’t make the promise if you don’t intend to carry through on it.” are called names and scoffed at and scolded for not being team players?

We’re “SHUT IT DOWN NOW scorched earth purists” and we have OUR Conservative credentials questioned?

The unmitigated gall of some here who would question ANYONE’S conservative credentials while simultaneously making excuses for the endless compromising and the belly dragging tail tucked between the legs piss dribbling cowardice exhibited by the Geniuses in leadership is simply breathtaking in it’s idiocy and stupidity!