***UPDATE***Et Tu Demint?***Did I Miss Something? When Did We Pass A Budget?

So…Every Republican has signed a pledge that they will filibuster any measure brought to the Senate Floor until the tax increase is stopped and we pass a Budget…

Yet today…according to The Weekly Standard, “Senate Votes 66 to 32 to Take Up START Treaty Over GOP Objections

66 Senators voted to take up the START Treaty tomorrow…

So…There are 100 Senators… 42 of which are currently Republican right? Which leaves 56 Democrats and 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats…

Unless those numbers are wrong…that means 8 Republicans have just voted to allow the START Treaty to be brought to the Senate Floor for Debate.

Call me stupid….but did I miss the budget vote?

I mean…if all 42 Republican Senators promised not to allow anything to be brought to the floor for a vote until Harry Ried passes a budget bill then we must have a budget passed out of the Senate…right?

But of course…we all know there hasn’t been a budget passed out of the Senate don’t we?

Because Mitch McConnell is raising all kinds of hell about what a travesty this budget bill is. As I write this, John McCain is on Hannity talking about how tone deaf the Democrats are for bringing this budget to the floor.

Yet we have 8 Republican Senators VOTING to allow debate on START to begin TOMORROW?!

I guess these 8 weasels have decided to DEEM this budget as passed and have moved on to the next item on the Obama Reid agenda and all the noise being made by Republicans about how awful this budget is just is so much hot air and has all the potency of a fart in a category five wind storm!

All the talk of reading the bill…and anything else is just bluster and blow….We can expect NOTHING on this except racket and noise…in the end…Harry and San Fran Nan will have just what they wanted…and the next Congress will be left to clean up the steaming pile of dung left behind.

I mean COME ON you WORTHLESS EGG SUCKING CURS….is there NOTHING that will shame you cretinous vermin? It’s bad enough we had Christmas ruined last year by Obamacare on Christmas Eve by Harry Ried…THIS YEAR we can’t enjoy our families without looking over our shoulder looking for the next shiv to take us in the back by Harry Ried and to add insult to injury we get 8 Republicans twisting it after it has sunk home!

So what’s under your Christmas tree this year conservatives courtesy of either Mitch McConnell or 8 turn coats?

1) A return of the death tax

2) A guarantee of a Christmas Vote on extending Tax Cuts in two years

3) A START Treaty where we give away who knows what to Russia

4) Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

5) A pork laden, earmark Infested 1.1 trillion dollar budget that has just passed though it’s never been voted on

6) The Dream Act

I Wonder…has Mitch McConnell…the Master Strategist ever watched a football game? Has this worthless sack of stinking excrement ever heard of running out the clock?

The cavalry is coming Mitch…The two minute warning has sounded…every minute you drag this out…the less damage the Dems can do….is this REALLY so hard to figure out?

And Who are these 8 swine?

I’m too lazy and disgusted to look it up right now but I could make a good guess….but what’s the point?

What did we just do in November?

Did it matter?

I’m so sick of this I could just PUKE!


Turns out there a 9 Rs as has been pointed out in the thread…Thanks Pilgrim…and here they are…

Robert F. Bennett
George V. Voinovich
Scott Brown
Susan Collins
Lindsey Graham
Richard G. Lugar
John McCain
Lisa Murkowski
Olympia J. Snowe

Boy it was SUCH a blessing electing Scott Brown wasn’t it?

And note the man of Honor and integrity on down…I won’t say his name…you all know who I’m talking about!

Again from Pilgrim…Bayh didn’t vote! Hurray for the Democrat!

It’s time for the caucus to take note and start stripping chairmanships from these 9!


As Reported by National Journal Via Drudge; “DeMint, Senator Drops Bid to Delay Action on New START” Senator Demint is set to join 9 other REPUBLICAN SENATORS in helping Harry Ried pass the Obama/Ried/Pelosi agenda during this lame duck congress.

“But Ace…Demint didn’t vote to bring START to the floor!”

Well…yeah…that’s technically true…but in agreeing to back off his PROMISE to slow this down..Demint might as well have voted with the nine. On top of that…in standing by and letting this come to the floor today when he could obstruct and slow it down…he’s just as guilty as the nine of breaking his pledge to not allow votes on any legislation until we’ve dealt with the pending tax increases and the budget.

I take no joy in saying this….because Jim Demint has been a beacon of hope in these dark two years of the Obama regime….He’s my Hero….I’m so skeptical and jaded to the point where I don’t have heroes….but rest assured…he is betraying us today as much as any of the nine listed above if he doesn’t make a stand on this.

By the way…Reports are that the pile of turds called a budget dropped on the floor yesterday is to be voted on this weekend.

You can slow this down Senator…and give us time to help build opposition to these travesties….do nothing and you join the RINOs in giving us the finger….