Tin Ears And Earmarks. So McConnell Listened To The People? Think Again! ***AN UPDATE***


By now, everyone has heard that Mitch McConnell has supposedly heeded the voice of the people and decided to champion the cause of earmark reform.

According to The Weekly Standard Online, Some time around 2:18 pm Mitch McConnell went to the well of the Senate and made the following statement:

…..Nearly every day that the Senate’s been in session for the past two years, I have come down to this spot and said that Democrats are ignoring the wishes of the American people. When it comes to earmarks, I won’t be guilty of the same thing.

Make no mistake. I know the good that has come from the projects I have helped support throughout my state. I don’t apologize for them. But there is simply no doubt that the abuse of this practice has caused Americans to view it as a symbol of the waste and the out-of-control spending that every Republican in Washington is determined to fight. And unless people like me show the American people that we’re willing to follow through on small or even symbolic things, we risk losing them on our broader efforts to cut spending and rein in government.

That’s why today I am announcing that I will join the Republican Leadership in the House in support of a moratorium on earmarks in the 112th Congress.

You would think…with such high minded rhetoric referencing the historic significance of the recent elections in the rest of his speech that Mitch FINALLY gets it….

Well…you would be wrong!!!

You see…there is another article at “The Weekly Standard” that was published just 20 minutes before Mitch made his stirring speech….DeMint Thinks Earmark Opponents Have the Votes

You see…Mitch didn’t suddenly see the light….he wasn’t heeding the will of “We the People” when he made his decision to back the ban on earmarks…He didn’t cave to pressure from phone calls of angry constituents or anything else….you see…it’s really just as simple as the fact that HE LOST! He hung on till the bitter end….Bitterly clinging to his earmarks!

The die was cast…so…he could go down with the ship…or he could jump onto the life boat just as the last square inch of the ship disappeared beneath the waves…In short Mitch was the last man off the good ship “Earmark”

But wait…there was one who went down with the ship isn’t there?

Poor James Inhofe wrote his thoughts down for all of us to reference at NRO Online….You can find the link in my diary below…

So…when you pass by Inhofe as he’s twisting in the wind…be sure to pat him on that back…and console him for being the last man standing while Mitch sailed away smiling into the sunset!

OH HOW I LOATH HYPOCRITES. And McConnell is the very definition of the term. The fact that he’s still the minority leader is an affront to the party and those who support her!

Tin Ears And Earmarks. So What’s A Conservative Tea Partier To Do?

So, here we are…less than two weeks after the Republicans have been given a new chance to show they can govern by the will of the electorate….less than two weeks after the Tea Party swept them into office in a tidal wave of anger in numbers not seen since 1946!

A wave propelled by the battle cries of, “Stop the irresponsible spending,” and “End the corrupting influence of Earmarks.”

This is a time when I had planned on taking the precious little time I have to write diaries and rub Obama’s nose in the mess he’s made on the nation’s floor and swat him on the nose with the proverbial news paper by reminding him of his comments to John McCain during the so called health care summit…

you remember…This was when Obama Arrogantly told John McCain…

“Let me make this point….ahhh John….Because we’re not campaigning any more….The election’s over!”

Or when he arrogantly marched the Republican leadership up to the White House after the 2008 elections and informed them that things were going to be his way or the highway because “WE WON!”

I had envisioned torturing the Democrats as a mischievous and malicious little boy does a fly picking off each leg one by one…picking off it’s wings…and then giving it the final coup de gras by burning it to death with a magnifying glass.

So here I am…dying to dance with glee on the graves of so many lame duck Democrat’s dead and rotting political corpses…But it appears the digs at the Dummycrat’s expense above will have to do because I’m being forced to point out the obvious to a thick headed RINO leadership that they are on probation!

I realized it was not meant to be as I read NRO Online Friday and was treated to this little gem from Senator Inhofe: Eliminating Earmarks is a Phony Issue

Of course, we all Know , thanks to Erick Erickson, “CALL YOUR REPUBLICAN SENATOR NOW: Support Senator Jim DeMint’s Earmark Ban, That Mitch MCConnell has decided to tilt at the anti earmark windmill as well.

But Inhofe? So Public in his arrogance no less!

Come on…The article isn’t even all that well reasoned…

I mean…seriously!…Armor for the troops and the C17 depend on earmarks? Seriously? As if these spending measures wouldn’t pass on their own merits?

The only argument I hear from Inhofe or McConnell that makes any sense…and has any merit at all is that…by not distributing these funds by larding up every bill that passes through Congress is that the Obama Administration would then get to spend it the way it wants to…

Which is absurd on it’s face since the Congress could simply take back the discretionary spending these earmarks represent by un-appropriating it, (is that a word?) using the power of the purse given to it by the Constitution…or it could hold down the debt limit which would stop the government from borrowing those funds in the first place since it doesn’t have them to spend to begin with.

I can only sit back in breathless wonder at this point and congratulate Senator Inhofe in his promotion to the number 2 position on the “To Primary” list for 2014…just after Lindsey Graham!

Lest we forget…it was only four short years ago that the Republican House and Senate majorities were swept away by the Democrats….and unless my memory fails me…The primary rallying cry then was: (Aside from the “Bush is EEEEVILLLL, Cheney…Enron…Haliburton, Bush is EEEEVILLLL” chant), “Culture Of Corruption” and “We must end the influence Jack Abramoff and K Street lobbyists by doing away with the corrupting influence of EARMARKS!!!!!

And now the old Bulls and the RINO establishment as epitomized by Mitch McConnell and James Inhofe are going to spit in the eyes of the people they are going to need 2 years from now to take back the Senate and sacrifice the freshmen Senators sent up there this year on the alter of the great god of EARMARKS!!!!!

What arrogance…What unmitigated gall!

And even more galling…is the dishonesty of those who voted in the past when there was no chance of it passing….to show us how they are against the practice…(Mitch McConnell anyone?)…now that it would pass with their votes….these LIARS are actively campaigning against banning them…and singing the praises of the earmarking process as if it were virtuous and praise worthy by pointing to the founders who used the practice…Can you tell me Senator Inhofe…how many times did the founders attach 4000 earmarks to a single omnibus budget bill?

And what of the great anti earmarking crusader we were all told simply had to be the standard bearer in 2008 because he hated earmarks and had never voted for a single earmark in all his Senate career…surely that paragon of virtue and honor, John Sydney McCain is going to vote for the earmarking ban on Tuesday…isn’t he? I mean…he’s a pillar of honesty and integrity and simply HATES the corrupting influence of money in politics and the earmarking process…he’s campaigning for the ban right? He’s standing shoulder to shoulder with Jim Demint and all those new tea party freshmen hitting The Hill fresh off the campaign trail…right?

You’d think so wouldn’t you? but he’s not…he’s on the sidelines…and is listed as undecided in the list of Senators I will present in a second. What a hypocrite. What a lying, sniveling blowhard!

Tuesday is when this is all supposed to be decided…and I’m begging all who read this to take the names I am providing and contact every single one of these Senators….Thank the ones who are standing with Demint…Curse the ground of every one of them who has come out against him and this ban…and above all…twist the arms of the cowering yellow curs who won’t commit to banning earmarks going forward at the end of the list.

Here is the latest whip count as reported by the Weekly Standard:Earmark Moratorium Whip Count (Updated)

These are the senators and senators-elect who will vote in favor of the earmark moratorium:

Kelly Ayotte (NH)
John Barrasso (WY)
Richard Burr (NC)
Dan Coats (IN)
Tom Coburn (OK)
Bob Corker (TN)
John Cornyn (TX)
Jim DeMint (SC)
John Ensign (NV)
Mike Enzi (WY)
Orrin Hatch (UT)
Mike Johanns (NE)
Ron Johnson (WI)
Mark Kirk (IL)
Mike Lee (UT)
Rand Paul (KY)
Marco Rubio (FL)
Jeff Sessions (AL)
Pat Toomey (PA)

These are the senators and senators-elect, according to Taxpayers Against Earmarks, who will vote to keep earmarks on Tuesday:

Lamar Alexander (TN)
Thad Cochran (MS)
John Hoeven (ND)
Jim Inhofe (OK)
Mitch McConnell (KY)
Richard Shelby (AL)
Roger Wicker (MS)

And this is the list of those who have not yet decided:

Roy Blunt (MO)
John Boozman (AR)
Scott Brown (MA)
Saxby Chambliss (GA)
Susan Collins (ME)
Mike Crapo (ID)
Lindsey Graham (SC)
Chuck Grassley (IA)
Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX)
Johnny Isakson (GA)
Jon Kyl (AZ)
Dick Lugar (IN)
John McCain (AZ)
Jerry Moran (KS)
Rob Portman (OH)
James Risch (ID)
Pat Roberts (KS)
Olympia Snowe (ME)
John Thune (SD)
David Vitter (LA)