DE Senate: So This Is The Monster We've Heard So Much About? Are You Kidding Me?

Fox News has done an interview with Christine O’Donnell which ran Saturday.

Everyone knows the story. Everyone knows the smear job that’s been done on this girl. Every fair minded person knows the unfair characterizations of her!

Starting with Bill Maher, trumpeted by the so called “objective media”, and magnified by Carl Rove and his clown followers in the Republican Establishment she’s been caricatured to be everything from a witch to a tax cheat to a Christian country bumpkin and everything in between.

That said…it is one thing to know it. It is another thing to BELIEVE it. It is yet one more thing to be outraged by it.

I’ve been interested in this race all along and I’ve defended O’Donnell with my trade mark stridency here with all the above in mind. Yet I’ve been uncomfortable at times by her apparent lack of polish and poise. But it’s something else entirely to be confronted by the magnitude of the distortion when she is finally given a forum where she can speak her mind without being lead into a mine field by questions designed to entrap, denigrate and embarrass her.

Fox News carried an interview this morning with O’Donnell, and it’s the first even handed and fair chance she’s been given to speak about who she is without having to shout over someone…or have her comments Miss-characterized by a reporter before they are aired with heavy editing.

What a contrast to the narrative.

Fox News Interview With O’Donnell

Fox News Interview With O’Donnell 2

This is my message to John Cornyn, Comrade Carl, the RNC, and the rest of the Republican Establishment.

O’Donnell is within anywhere from 6 to 10 points of Coons.

By all accounts she is surging!

There is still time to help make her #10 which would put the US Senate in Republican hands.

It’s very late in the day and it’s well past time to get off your high falutin asses up there and go all in in DE.

You can help her in these last days…and help yourselves in the process with your own voters and with another seat that may well put you in charge of some very important committees.

Who knows…you might even get a small measure of credit for her victory should she win despite your cretinous behavior up to this point.

Do nothing and and you can rest assured: If she wins…She will have won DESPITE you, not because of anything you have done:


If she loses by a few points because you refused to help….because you decided to join the talking heads in starting every discussion about her with the “she’s unelectable” meme…Because you pined for the glory that would be a Senator Mike Castle with every syllable….And Whined about the ignorant unwashed hicks and hillbillies who nominated her:


Don’t you DARE attack the people who nominated her for their lack of sophistication in turning their noses up at Mike Castle!

In doing so…you point out your own lack of sophistication in refusing to get on board with the people’s choice! You have soiled her name with your despicable behavior and soiled yourself in the process.

The lady I see in this interview is so far and away better than what she’s been portrayed to be by you and your MSM cronies that it takes my breath away. She deserves better than what she’s gotten from the lot of you…and she deserves any help you can still give her!

Shame on the whole lot of you!