In All The Excitement About Taking Back The US Congress, Let's Not Forget State Legislative Races!

These are heady times are they not?

Just two years after the 2008 wipe out and the political obituaries had been written for the GOP, we’re poised to make history all across this nation. Be it in races for the US House, US Senate, or in Governors Mansions, the GOP is on the rise….this tidal wave is sweeping the nation and threatens to overwhelm the Obamination.

It’s fun to watch…and it’s fun to bat ideas back and forth about whether Republicans are going to gain 50 seats in the Congress…or will it be 60? 70? 80? seats? Ive seen estimates that as many as 100 House seats are in play.

Or the US Senate….Will we get the 10 we need to take back the Senate? If we’re competitive in 16 seats as reports seem to indicate….could we get 12? 14? 15? Maybe we can get a clean sweep of all 16!

And let’s not forget Governors mansions. Reports I’m reading are saying we could have upwards of 37 Republicans living in Governors Mansions across this great land come January.

Then there are the RINO wars I keep getting bogged down in….Many of us go back and forth about whether this conservative can win or not…or if that RINO is worth supporting and if we should even care if they win or lose? Many of us get apoplectic at the lack of loyalty we see as some so called moderates refuse to endorse their victorious primary opponents or actually endorse the Democrat…

Many of us go on and on about whether we should support the NRCC, the NRSC, the RNC or should we give directly to individual candidates? Is it time for Steele and Cornyn to be shown the exits? Have Senate Republicans gotten the message yet? Will the elites and the ruling class ever get the message?

In all this back and forth…Let me take this opportunity to say…I love a good debate. I love staking out my territory and defending it. Sometimes I’m overly strident in my positions…and often I go over the line in attacking people who are more my ideological brethren than they are my enemy. Many of you can attest to the fact that I too often swat a fly with a sledge hammer…Not only that, I often set off a keg of gunpowder for good measure!

For those of you who have been on the receiving end of my barbs…let me tell you all…I’ve never intended anything I’ve ever said on this site personally…and if any of you have taken something I’ve said too much to heart…please understand. I can go toe to toe with you one minute…and have your back the next…we’re family here as far as I’m concerned…and much like I am with my sisters…I can slap you around when we disagree but if someone else slaps you around who isn’t part of this family…BACK OFF while you still can buster!

But I digress…

My point is…

In all the excitement…in all the banter back and forth….in all the infighting……in all the high fiving…the patting each other on the back and congratulating each other in these final weeks…there is something we should definitely not lose site of…and that’s what I want to talk about.

There is another battle to win before November 2nd and it is arguably the most important battleground this year.

It’s not as glamorous as focusing on all the above….it’s not glitzy….it’s not as exciting….it is a battle field devoid of star power….it is a place of drudgery and thankless struggle.

I’m reminded of my days playing Football as an Offensive Lineman.

While all the attention was focussed on the full back…or the Tail Back…or the Wide Receivers….and the QB…I was one of the guys grinding it out on the line.

Every time one of our Backs broke loose for a big gain…it was me…and the grunts in the trenches that opened up a hole for them to run through.

Every time a Touchdown Pass was thrown…it was the Offensive Line that gave our QB the time to find an open receiver.

In Football….the games are almost always won or lost on the line…we didn’t get any glory….we weren’t the super stars….but in the end…we could go home at night knowing we made the difference in a win and a loss.

So…who is the line that I’m talking about….who are the folks grinding it out who will make all the difference to our future victory/victories and will never get the glory?

I’m talking about State Legislative Races.

Lest we forget, This is a census year. The 2010 Census is finished and 2011 is when the redistricting battles will be fought!

This coming year can determine how many US Congressional districts Dems will have to defend for the next decade.

2011 will determine how many Republican seats in the US House will be safe seats. This is the year when it will be determined whether we play on the Enemies home field…or if they will play on ours.

And in all this…the decisions will be made in State Legislatures.

So…in the closing weeks of this campaign…I want to make some suggestions…This will have to be done carefully because we don’t want to take away anything in the last weeks from the gains we are about to make nationally.

We need to…where possible…focus excess time and resources on state legislative races.

If you are in a district where the race for US Rep is all but over…whether the Republican has it won already….or if you have the misfortune of being in a district where the Dem US Rep is unchallenged….look for a State House or Senate Campaign where you can help.

Maybe you’re working for a Republican campaign for a US Senate candidate or US Rep …and there are more people working than can be utilized effectively…Look around and see if there is a State Rep or Senate candidate that can use your help getting out the vote for them.

Even, if you are fighting the fight for a US Senate candidate or US Rep who needs you…find a candidate who is running in a close race that you can push as you call and knock on doors for your US Rep. Call a State Rep or Senate campaign and see if they have literature that you can help distribute as you pass out literature for your US Reps or Senate Candidates…or pump them as you make calls for your US Rep.

If you’ve got extra money and you are thinking about giving it to Angle, or O’Donnell…or Miller….maybe you could give some of it to a local rep as well.

Finally…if you’re sitting on your duff right now with nothing to do…If you haven’t committed to working on a national race….whether it be because you don’t know what to do…or you don’t have a national race that’s worth working on because the race is already decided…call your local GOP headquarters and ask them who you could help….Tell them specifically that you want to get out the vote for a State Senate or Representative’s campaign.

They’ll put you on to someone…or give you something to do….I guarantee it!

If they don’t…post a Diary on it here….I’m sure we’d all love to hear if someone out there is turning down good help.