And There It Is Folks: GOP Refuses to Support O’Donnell in General Election

Just a year and a half after brow beating conservatives about the head that you are to back the nominee of the party no matter what…..

What’s the phrase? Vote Conservative in the Primaries…vote Republican in the general?

Now there’s this:

Bombshell: GOP Refuses to Support O’Donnell in General Election

Before Christine O‘Donnell even had a chance to deliver her remarks to accept the Republican Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) announced that the party’s fundraising organization would not be supporting the Delaware tea party favorite in the Nov. 2 election.

According to Fox News, Republican aides have confirmed that “O’Donnell would not be getting national fundraising support.”

Can you believe the tin ears and the thick headed arrogance of these clowns?

As was said in a thread I have read all evening here, no doubt, after leaving O’Donnell high and dry during the general election….we will be treated by the cacophonous howls from our betters at the RNC and the NRSC…”SEE”…”SEE”…”we told you she can’t win! Conservatives can’t win in DE and this proves it.”

Never mind the nasty and bitter way our Overlords trashed and smeared her….never mind the double dealings behind the scenes from the RMSP and their ilk to undermine and destroy the Republican nominee….Never mind the inevitable self fulfilling nature of the whole exercise…it will all be conservatives fault because we didn’t shut up and get in line.

All I can say is…thank GOD for Jim Dimint:

In the meantime, Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund PAC is vowing to step up its efforts on O‘Donnell’s behalf:

The party’s coordinated spending limit for a Senate nominee in Delaware is $87,000. The RNC and the NRSC each have that limit so it is double that amount. $174,000 total. Since the party is saying they will cut her off, this will be SCF’s initial goal. We will likely raise her this money from grassroots by next week.

and with that, I’m out….have at the comments and don’t take offense…it’s off to bed…and work in the morning…I’ll be on to comment when I’m off.