Reid To Collins, Snowe and Brown...Thanks A Bunch...We Couldn't Have Done It Without You!

GOP’s Snowe, Brown back Wall Street overhaul bill

Snowe of Maine and Brown of Massachusetts join Susan Collins of Maine as three crucial Republican votes for the legislation.

“While not perfect, the legislation takes necessary steps to implement meaningful regulatory reforms, create strong consumer protections and restore confidence in the American financial system,” Snowe said in a statement Monday evening.

In breaking with the rest of the Republican Party, the three lawmakers appeared to give Democratic leaders the 60 votes needed to overcome procedural hurdles facing the legislation.

And with that, Obama’s socialization of the free market is complete. THAT, with the help of no less than three Republican Senators….

Of Course, Prince Harry was glowing as he patted his Republican lap dogs on the head for their fealty.

“We will finish our work on this bill this week to ensure that these critical protections and accountability for Wall Street are in place as soon as possible.” ….

“Despite the difficult political climate, these Republicans have joined Democrats to support these common-sense protections for consumers, investors and financial institutions that will help prevent another financial crisis,” Reid said.

and we haven’t seen what will happen with Grassley who voted for it the first time through…and Bennett who each say in the same language used by Snowe Collins and Brown that they have “Reservations”.

“We’ve got some concerns that some of the banks in Nebraska have raised,” …. “We also have some banks in Nebraska saying vote for it. We’re trying to balance out the concerns that have been raised. There’s a certain amount of uncertainty. You don’t have regulations written. You don’t know who’s going to be the head of the consumer protection bureau.”

A fourth Republican who voted for the Senate version in May, Charles Grassley of Iowa, has indicated he has reservations as well.

Of course you can bet you bottom dollar…if their votes are needed…they’ll be on their knees before prince harry…tongues stuck to his boot.

What’s that again about Northeastern so called “Moderates” being socially “Moderate”
and fiscally Conservative?

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