When Given An Opportunity To Speak To First Principles; Steele Throws Rand Paul Under The Bus

So…Here we are…after years of being beaten about the head about fighting for your preferred Republican in the primaries and rallying to the nominee in the General Elections…Michael Steele our so called “spokesman” for the party, when given an opportunity to speak to first principles; throws Rand Paul under the bus on Fox News Sunday.

Steele: Rand Paul philosophy on discrimination ‘misplaced at these times’

“I think his philosophy is misplaced in these times,”

Way to circle the wagons there Michael! Why didn’t you just say, “We nominated a man who wears a white hood and roasts Hot Dogs and marshmallows on the local black folk’s lawn?”

Oh wait…maybe you did say that?

With spokesmen like this we don’t need the Democrats to beat our candidates in November.

“But Ace, What should Steele have said?”

Well folks, let me tell you…Steele is in a better positioned to explain the Conservative/Libertarian view on this than any spokesman we’ve ever had heading the RNC.

In fact, one of the best arguments for his taking over as Chairman was that he could speak to these issues in a way the party had never been able to do before. I opposed him at the time because I knew him to be a big tent, finger to the wind, day what the MSM expects you to say kind of weasel and believed deep down he’d never do so….but it was a good case in his favor!

I favored Ken Blackwell for this reason among many others. I knew Steele’s history of back sliding and pandering on every issue out there but when he won the chairmanship I’m on record saying we need to, “Give the guy a chance”…well…NO MORE!

Were his first instinct not to pander to the race baiters and and the conservative hating MSM he could have calmed the firestorm surrounding the Republican Senate candidate by saying something along the lines:

You know Chris, there have been a lot of attacks and mis-characterizations of what Rand Paul has said on this subject and I’d like to clear up the record on this.

Everyone want’s to make this a black or white issue when it’s anything but. There has always been a tension between the use of Federal Power for the purposes of ending what everyone agrees are the injustices of Segregation and Jim Crow and maintaining the maximum amount of liberty possible for individuals and private property owners.

What Rand is saying is basically this, I support the goals of the civil rights act of 1964, but I have a problem with some of the ways it’s been implemented.

There is no denying it’s enactment has had many unintended consequences such as Title IX, which has had a negative impact on College athletics programs. There have been many instances where Colleges have had to eliminate whole departments dedicated to male dominated sports in order to maintain a balance between programs for men and women because there weren’t enough women wishing to compete.

Maybe I wouldn’t have said things the way Rand said them, and let’s not pretend any who are fanning the flames of this controversy have charitable feelings toward Rand either. Let’s just say, I know what Rand was trying to say, and I agree with much of it.

The tension between maintaining Liberty and ending discrimination is there!

The Civil, Rights act did many good things…but it has also done some bad things in the process and I don’t see why this can’t be discussed in an open and honest way so some of the unintended consequences can be fixed without the person saying so being burned at the stake as a Heretic!

Instead what we get is a chilling effect in the debate because to even broach the subject brings out the most despicable accusations of bigotry and hatred against the person mentioning it making true and honest debate among people with the best of intentions impossible,

Instead we get the Chairman of the Republican Freaking Party throwing gasoline on the fire and fanning the flames against the Republican Nominee for Senate in KY

“I think his philosophy is misplaced in these times,” said Steele, the highest-ranking African American in the GOP. “I don’t think it’s where the country is right now. The country litigated the issue of ‘separate but equal,’ the country litigated the rights of minority people in this country to access the free enterprise system in accommodations and all of that. That was crystallized in the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of ’64.”

“In this case, Rand Paul’s philosophy got in the way of reality, and the reality of it is that was important legislation at the time, put in place important benchmarks for the progress of free people,” Steele added. “I think, as [Paul] said, he stands four-square with the party on this issue, but he had a philosophical difference with the party.”

And then there’s this from ABC’s “This Week,

Any attempt to look backwards are not in the best interests of the country and certainly not in the best interests of the party…

“I can’t condemn a person’s view,” Steele said. “That’s like you believe something and I’m going say, ‘I’m gonna condemn your view of it.’ The people of Kentucky will judge whether or not that’s a view they would like to send to the Senate… I’m not comfortable with a lot of things. But it doesn’t matter what I’m comfortable with. I don’t vote in that election. The people of Kentucky will.”

so…all you Racists in KY should go out and vote for Rand Paul…but don’t expect Michael Steele or the RNC to lift a finger to help because they and Mitch McConnell agree with the MSM…and besides…You should have all voted for Trey Grayson like you were ordered to do…


YOU had to pick your own candidate….and they’re going to aid and abet the character assassination the ObamaDems and the so called “Objective Media” are engaged in! They have no reason to support the guy all you bigoted conservatives forced on them and THEY’RE going to take THEIR ball and go home!

Go team!!