Maybe JD Has Something To Brag About Win Or Lose!

‘Scorched Earth’ in Arizona

Behind a Dunkin’ Donuts in a shopping center on East Cactus Road, J.D. Hayworth’s Senate campaign headquarters has a low-budget look. Near the front door, pinned to a cubicle wall, is a campaign T-shirt proclaiming Hayworth “The Consistent Conservative,” offered for sale at $15 each. Volunteers are stuffing envelopes at a folding table that holds seven telephones, the phone lines dangling down from the ceiling. A large bulletin board is festooned with letters from supporters, including a woman from Dewey, Arizona, who wrote to say, “Sock it to him, please!”

The “him” is, of course, Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential nominee and the man whose involuntary retirement from the Senate is the goal of Hayworth’s candidacy.

Hayworth sits behind a desk in his office, signing thank-you letters to contributors who have given about $800,000 for his “Million-Dollar March” online fund-raising effort, and reflects on the central irony of this campaign: McCain, an outspoken advocate of “getting the big money out of politics,” is spending big money in an all-out effort to destroy Hayworth’s primary challenge.

Heh…where are those vaunted principles John? Where is that Honor you’ve spent decades crowing about?

I honor your service and can never take away from your principled decision to stay in the Hanoi Hilton rather than take the opportunity to go home when it was offered to you…but when it comes to politics…there is only one blowhard in the race for AZ Senate…and it ain’t JD!

If you’re against big money in politics Johny Boy…shouldn’t you stop trying to buy this seat with your big donor money?

Of course…you are a man of the people aren’t you?….you’re one with the little guy….you’re a populist like you’re hero Teddy Roosevelt aren’t you?


The 73-year-old incumbent, however, doesn’t seem eager to retire and is wielding all his considerable power to shut down Hayworth’s challenge. Taking on the powerful four-term senator (and his wife’s influential Republican family) makes fundraising in Arizona a difficult task for Hayworth, as major GOP donors in the state fear the political consequences if it is discovered they have contributed to McCain’s opponent.

gasp…I’m shocked…shocked I tell you at the bully boy tactics of this great man of conviction and honor above all! You mean he’d use intimidation and raw political power to protect his turf?

JD is now within four of the man of principle and conviction and as a result, John McAmnesty has done a 180 and embraced a securing the border with troops.

Not only that…Mr bipartisanship….mister green jeans is on record trashing Crap and Tax, gone full bore against the Messiah and his health care travesty without cutting a deal and compromising…. and he sounds positively Reaganesque! McCain has done more for conservatism in a few months and said mor conservative things in that short time than he has an all his deacdes in the US Senate!

One could only wish he’d shown as much urgency and conviction in his run against the socialist’s wet dream in 2008!

But best of all, McCain’s body boy Lindsey positively looks like a checkered flag from all the bus tire tracks all over his body after his lordship has thrown him under the bus over and over again!

“Obviously, the gulf between my opponent’s rhetoric and the reality is so great it exceeds the geographic dimensions of our own Grand Canyon,” Hayworth says. “It’s more than a credibility gap, it’s a credibility canyon.… If he was really concerned about [the influence of political contributions], he certainly seems to have gotten over it very quickly.”

After spending Millions on attack ads according to Hayworth….

“All he has to show for it is a 15-point swing toward me, and we’re now down by seven points,”

Hows that for a blowhard who has no chance?


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