Why Is Brian Lamb Doing What Republican Leaders Won't! What Would AceInTX Do?

A review: Obama Care passes on 12/24/2009 and Mitch McConnell stands up to declare the fight isn’t over. he tells us we’re going to fight this with everything we have despite having done virtually nothing to stop it up to that point.

So here we are two full weeks later and not a peep from anyone in the Republican Party from what I can tell about what we’re going to do to at least attempt to knock this train off the rails.

To the contrary we end up with discussions about how the Republicans are going to reap big dividends by running on repealing a bill that will be all but un-repeal-able once it’s passed. I mean…seriously…name one time in the last 100 years when a law as sweeping as Obamacare has been scaled back…let alone repealed? For more see my post from yesterday: Why Are We Signalling A Repeal Strategy For Obamacare When It Has Yet To Become Law?

I don’t see anything from my party, Mitch McConnell, or John Boehner about what dire straights we are in…nothing about an individual mandate and what it means to have the Federal Government tell you how you have to spend your personal funds….There is nothing from the party on what we’re going to do to this economy by creating a multi-trillion dollar bureaucracy complete with Billions in new taxes in the middle of a recession. I see nothing about how asinine the very idea is that we can simultaneously add 30 million people to the Health Care rolls while simultaneously saving money….talk about chasing unicorns!

I don’t see anyone doing a blessed thing but sitting around patting each other on the backs talking about how great it’s going to be in Nov because the Dems are pissing off so many voters…As if that’s all they need to do to get people to turn out and vote for them…just sit back and laugh as the Dems destroy themselves while simultaneously sending the rest of the country down the drain. As someone who is never surprised by how out of touh our leadership is, I am simply dumbfounded at stupid these people think voters are or how stupid they are to think they can actually sit back and do NOTHING and simultaneously gain people’s trust!

Ohh…and never mind the clown hawking his book on Hannity who just declared we’re not going to take the majority this year…not a chance…and telling us all he hasn’t seen any polls so he can’t tell how we’re going to do this year….as if the head of the RNC has anything to do other than read the polls and decide how to most effectively allocate funds for the 2010 elections! Well…yeah…I forgot…he was hawking a book wasn’t he? It’s hard work writing a book…I guess that’s why he hasn’t read any polls!

I would think someone in all this excitement about regaining a majority would stop and wonder what’s going to be left to govern if they do seem to make it back into the majority as they continue to fiddle while Rome burns!

Of course all of this in the face of the Democrats talking about ping pong strategies and openly plotting how they are going to shut the people’s representatives out of the conference process and pass yet another version of Obamacare that no-one has seen or read.

Surely McConnell, Boehner, and the rest of the Republican leadership rushed to the microphones to protest….you’d think so wouldn’t you?

Of course not!

Which brings me to my point.

Along comes Brian Lamb. Quiet, unassuming Brian Lamb…and a simple Memo: C-SPAN’s Lamb to Congress: Open health care debate. One little memo that is sure to put a blush on Nancy’s, Harry’s, and Obama’s shameless faces! At least the lap dog press is talking about it…which is more than the RNC has been able to get them to do!

Heh…way to go BRIAN!!!

As for our so called leadership….Bah!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…What would you do at this point AceInTX?

I’ve laid it out in the past: Congressional Republicans Are Not Powerless To Stop The Assaults On Our Freedom!

Only now it’s time to up the Ante!

What better time than now to pull out all the stops and grind BOTH houses of Congress to an absolute and total stand still.

If I could pull McConnell and Boehner’s strings they’d be in front of the cameras right this second and on every talk show they can book talking about how the Republican Party Represents at least half this country, (and more on HCR if polls are any indication) who want this train stopped and as such, We have a duty to use every tool at our disposal to make this dictatorial majority stop and listen to the people.

I’d have them announce, immediately upon Congresses re-adjournment there will be NOT ONE SINGLE ITEM OF BUSINESS CONDUCTED…NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY ONE!!! in either body of the Congress without a quorum call, a calling of the roll and a cloture vote. No item of business will be too trivial for a quorum call from calling the House and Senate to order, to turning off the lights at the close of business. Every bill WILL be read word for word and every amendment to each and every bill. If t Harry and Nancy want to dispense with the reading…let them make the unanimous consent request on the Floors of the House and Senate…and let them have the quorum calls…the cloture votes…the calling of the rolls…and pass it by actual vote. Every point of order that can be raised will be raised and no sing item will be to big to justify a change in these new rules.

The Dems are shameless at using everything in their power to grind Republican faces into the dust and it’s well past time to do the same while we still have a Republic to defend. They don’t respect Republicans in congress because Republicans are reticent to give them a reason to fear them…they insult the minority with impunity and the throw sand in their faces when there is no need to…it’s time Republicans made them pay a price for their disrespect and arrogant petulance!

Don’t waste your breath telling me there is nothing Republicans can do right now…There is plenty!

Maybe we can’t get at Obamacare directly…but we can have a tactical retreat as the Russians employed against Napoleon and make sure the Dems can’t sustain themselves on the ground they take from us.

If we do what I suggest…we may well lose the fight…but we will have gained in the long term by showing we can fight in the dark and exact a terrible toll on our enemy…to do less is the way of the coward….to do less is to put the very chains of our enslavement about our own ankles….to do less gains us nothing and I would argue does far more damage than we would otherwise do because laying back and allowing the Democrats to work their will so we can later gain on voter anger is too obvious and cynical a ploy to win any voter over and we deserve an equal share of the blame if we continue this losing strategy!

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