Hah...Little Lord Fountlery Censured by the SC GOP again! Updated Dodd and Dorgan to not seek reelection

It must REALLY REALLY Suck to be a RINO today! for the second time in Three months little miss Lindsey Graham is being Censured by the South Carolina GOP for working with Kerry and the Obama Dems on Crap and Tax. This after McCain threw him under the bus by calling the Kerry/Graham Crap and Tax plan a ‘horrendous’ climate bill

Sen. Lindsey Graham Censured, Again

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham through his support of a cap-and-trade bill, reiterates his support for government intervention in the private sector in direct contradiction of the Republican principle of free markets, as stated by the Republican party platform…

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has repeatedly demonstrated contempt and belligerence towards those members of the Republican Party who support freedom, a constitutional government and the Republican Party platform,

Therefore, let it be resolved that the Lexington County Republican Party Executive Committee must regretfully censure U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and is grieved to respectfully request that the South Carolina Republican Party rescind the 2009 resolution commending U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, for his positions do not reflect a complete belief in the South Carolina Republican party platform and do not serve the interests of South Carolinians.

Then we have Greer resigning and Crist losing an ally in his bid to be the Faux conservative candidate for Senate from Florida…

Pretty good day all in all from my perspective…..YEEEAAAARGH!


Dorgan announced he wouldn’t be seeking reelection next year and the Washington Post this morning is reporting that Chris Dodd will announce later today his intention to retire after the 2010 elections!

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd won’t seek reelection, will retire at end of term

Of course this is good news for the Republican Party…this is more proof the wind is at their backs….yet we wait for them to hoist the sails…why is that?