Why Are We Signalling A Repeal Strategy For Obamacare When It Has Yet To Become Law?

Well, here we are. Everyone knows the epic failure of Mitch McConnell and his lack of effort in slowing down let alone defeating the Democrats in their efforts to pass HCR before the Christmas Break so I won’t rehash it all here. Let’s just say I’m sick to death over it and frustrated beyond measure that more wasn’t done when it’s clear to everyone the Republican effort in the Senate was lackluster at best.

So, where are we now? Is Obamacare an inevitability?

Obama and his minions in the lapdog press want us all to think it is!

This despite the real possibilities that the Dems could tear themselves apart over the conference to reconcile the House and Senate versions. Republicans could still object to the conferees…DeMint has done just that in fact. Cracks can be exploited in the Democrat coalition because the far left is up in arms at the fact the Dems are abandoning the public option. Nelson has been under withering assault because of the fire sale he conducted to purchase his vote. The Stupack Amendment is a thorn sticking out of the side of the House bill that is the size of a meat cleaver…There are liberal groups out there that want this to be killed we could team up with in bringing pressure to bear on one or two Senators or even one or two Representatives to switch their votes…and on and on!

Much has been written of late about how we can still kill this pig before it becomes law beginning with: The Three-Step Plan to Stop Nationalized Health Care by Ben Shapiro and Ten New Reasons Why Obamacare Can Still Be Killed and others showing how this potential negative for Republicans can be turned to a positive by fracturing the Democrat Party while simultaneously killing a bill that is opposed by a plurality of Americans exceeding 70% in some polls.

So…what are Republicans to do? surely they are toiling away figuring out how they can do all of the above while putting themselves on the side of the Tea Party protesters and a majority in this country who want no part of this?

You’d think so wouldn’t you?


It seems the geniuses who brought us McConnell’s messaging strategy have given up stopping this thing out right and decided on a strategy of allowing it to pass…and running on a repeal platform in 2010: GOP banks on repeal push for 2010!

Republicans hope a push to repeal the Democrats’ health care bill will inspire voters to turn out for them in the 2010 elections — even though some of them admit that it has no realistic chance of working.

Never mind the fact that once this thing is passed…we’ll be in chains…We’ll be stuck with an individual mandate that put’s the federal government in a position of telling me how I can spend my own money.

Uncle Sam will not only tell me I have to purchase a health care plan…he will be deciding what health insurance will be available for purchase! He’ll be raising taxes for the next four years to supposedly pay for this legislation as if those funds won’t go into the general fund and spent so Democrats will have plenty of pork to hand out between now and 2014 leaving nothing in the treasury when this chicken comes home to roost!!! (never mind the predicted funcds that will never bee seen since they come from raising taxes in the middle of a deep recession)!

But hey…we shouldn’t worry…we’ll make huge gains in the 2010 elections running on repealing this legislation won’t we? We might even take back the House and Senate…and we might even vote on a blanket repeal of the legislature with our new majorities, (excuse me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for that!).

Of course we’re supposed to be to stupid to realize even if we were to take back both houses of congress and pass a repeal with our bare majorities…that any repeal would need to be signed into law by…(gasp)….wait for it….BARACK OBAMA!

What about the short term effect of what these mental midgets are doing? The Politico article raises this very question:

And even some supporters say the push for full repeal could backfire on Republicans. By starting their positioning for a repeal before the bill even passes, the GOP is reinforcing the Democratic narrative that passage is inevitable — and that Republicans haven’t done enough to shape the bill along the way.

Heh…ya think?

Which brings us full circle to my original question and what the Dems and the media want us to think…”Is Obamacare and inevitability?”

So apparently the new Republican position is, “Let’s just stop fighting it now because we’ve got a better…much more “NUANCED” and brilliant plan to pad our numbers in the hallowed halls of Congress…and damn the consequences to our liberties and this grand republic!”

Imagine General Washington in preparation for his trip across the Delaware to engage the Hessians the day after Christmas in Trenton riding out in his best dress uniform upon a grand white stallion to adress those he would be sending into battle that day:

“We are now engaged in a lost cause with no hope for victory…The Red Coats and their hired guns represented by the Hessians across the river are destined to win this war…there is no way we can stop them from burning our towns and villages, killing our children, raping our women and raising our farms, crops and livelihood to the ground…But Men…I want you to spill your blood….I want you to leave your very limbs on the ground in Trenton…I want you to die today secure in the knowledge that in losing this battle…you’ll get more suckers to join the fight so they can fight, sacrifice their limbs and bleed their life’s blood into American soil and die another day for a cause your general, your congress, and your people have no commitment to winning!”

Inspiring stuff is it not?

The 800 pound gorilla in the tent which blows a Mack Truck sized hole in this brilliant strategy is this. The assumption is that by lying back and allowing HCR to pass, Republicans will be able to make political hay against the Democrats and they wont face any negative consequences for lying back and doing nothing while the Democrats rammed it through all the while thumbing their noses at the majority of voters who want this to die. It’s a flawed assumption which is borne out by recent polling showing high negatives for Democrats but even higher negatives for a Republican Party which is doing nothing to help an increasingly frustrated voting block stop an unpopular Juggernaut while claiming to do everything it can!

In closing…let me slip in another defense of my constant harangues directed at the Republican Party…It bothers me that I’m known as the crazy malcontent who can’t find anything about the Republican Party to be positive about. If it didn’t bother me…I wouldn’t keep trying to explain it…
that said, let me give you an analogy I’ve been working on to explain why I tend to ignore what the Demoncrats are doing and expend all my energy yelling at the Republicans.

Consider a prize fight were you’ve got two heavyweights standing in the middle of a ring…one represents the Republican Party…the other represents the Democrat Party…it’s the 8th round of a 10 round fight and the Democrat has pounded and pounded the Republican for the previous 7 rounds while the Republican has stood in the center of the ring with his arms at his side refusing to lift his arms to even block the Democrat’s punches…let alone punch back in an effort to defend himself…YOU are in the Republican’s corner. You love the guy getting his head pounded to a bloody pulp in the middle of the ring and you want to see him win…or at least put up a respectable fight before assuming a place on the mat for an eight count…and not get killed….

Let me ask you…are you going to yell at the Democrat for doing what he’s supposed to do and that is to beat the ever living hell out of the Republican….or are you going to give your guy hell for standing there and taking it and demand that the punch drunk fool man up and put up some semblance of a fight?!

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