Brian Walsh Exposes Conservative's Neglected Flank In The War For The Direction Of The GOP!

Everything Leon says in “The NRSC’s Brian Walsh Continues to Make Himself the Story” is true!

True, no one should even know Walsh’s name…True, Walsh shouldn’t be trashing a Republican candidate for The United States Senate in public which shows poor tactical judgment at best…and utter stupidity at worse…

Finally…and most importantly…TRUE…NO official of the NRSC should be threatening to withhold NRSC support for a GENERAL ELECTION campaign should it’s candidate be nominated to represent the party in the general election!

But that’s not the whole story….I’d like to point out the underlying problem here

Don’t get me wrong…I agree with Leon 100% in this…I just want to add to his commentary and point out the underlying attitude that infects the party and currently has us over a barrel at the mercy of the Obama/Democrat/Socialist forces! Most important of all, I want to call attention to something he’s exposing here that I submit no one has been looking at till now!

The lesser part of this, is the attitude displayed that we need to be dealing with at the highest levels of the party….and particularly with the careerists as Leon illustrates!

It’s evident at the highest profile positions within the party whether it be at the RNC, the NRCC, the NRSC, or with the talking heads and pundits in the press and on the news! There is no line beyond which they won’t go in trashing conservatives who refuse to knuckle under to their point of view!…It’s the holier than thou, in your face, constant digs at the base that is an important issue…though not the only one…which I will get to shortly!

Let anything negative happen and they will run you over to get to a mic and blame it on “the intolerant fringe of the Republican Party.” Conservatives are the problem with every ill! Conservatives are the convenient scape goats for their every incompetence! Conservatives put the party where it is with our “purist” attitudes and “hate filled rhetoric”…it is conservative “ignorance”, “intolerance” and stubbornness that has us where we are today. No name is too vile to throw at the conservatives and no amount of treachery is too much to contemplate as these crap weasels go about playing to the press and their friends at the gridiron dinner!

They go on the public airwaves and accuse conservatives of being on “the fringe”, or the “Radical Right Wing”…conservatives are”extreme” in our views…conservatives are “exclusionary” and “purists” who “drive away moderates and independents with their hate filled rhetoric!” They can accuse us of any evil and trash us at every turn…

Yet we’ve just gone through two years of being brow beaten and slapped about the head for refusing to shut up and get in line. We’ve had our loyalty, our commitment and hard our work for this party called into question by these people for so much as croaking a half hearted criticism of the direction we were heading and the strategy they were forcing on us.

We’ve been called “Kossites”, and traitors for complaining about the direction they were taking us in and for daring to point out what it was doing to us! I’ve been accused of trying to elect Democrats and preferring Obama for Pete’s sake

But THEY are NOT to be questioned…THEY are ABOVE REPROACHTHEY act directly against conservative candidates even in general elections and actively support liberal/moderate candidates with OUR resources and try to tell us they’re not ENDORSING candidates because they haven’t written an OFFICIAL document or put out an OFFICIAL press release using the word ENDORSE….THEY can act in bad faith all they want and THEIR loyalty to this party is not to be questioned….WE’RE the ones accused of being bad actors?

And now to the nub of this little matter….and my main point in writing this!

Brian Walsh dares to threaten the Devore Campaign and threaten to withhold support of the NRSC from Devore in the general election if he doesn’t shut his campaign up about Cornyn’s refusal to meet with him? This after Cornyn has said they haven’t met with Devore’s campaign because they haven’t been asked? This after Devore was only pointing out Carly Fiorina’s bragging that John Cornyn had personally recruited her?



Duck Tape please…the blood is shooting from my eyes as we speak!

What if this were a conservative group…let alone an actual arm of the party that threatened to withhold support during the general election if a candidate or his campaign didn’t sit down and shut up?

Can you imagine the cat calls?

Can you imagine the abuse that would be heaped upon any conservative who even dared express such an idea by the usual suspects we see every day?

There would be nothing left of him after the flaming a conservative would take after suggesting it!

So why is Brian Walsh any different?

This frosts my britches like nothing I’ve read in quite a while….THIS is who I’ve been talking about when I say the “Establishment”. I’ve meant these guys without realizing it…Leon correctly points this out…Cornyn, Dole and Ensign are just passing through…it’s the careerists in the Republican Party that are the problem here! AND they MUST be dealt with!

I recall a story I read a long time ago. I don’t remember the actors or who exactly was involved. I can only paraphrase what was said but there was apparently a confrontation between a Reagan administration official and the State Department where the Reagan Administration wanted to change some long standing policy concerning the United States posture toward the Soviet Union…There was a statement made by a State Department careerist that goes something like…”Just bide your time because ‘these armatures’ will be gone some day and these policies will be back in the hands of the ‘professionals'”

This is the sickness that infects the Republican Party and these are the people we need to change if we’re ever to change the direction of OUR party!

Yes Cornyn, Steele and Sessions bear their share of the responsibility for allowing these clowns to keep their jobs…and I’m not about to back off my war on high profile RINOs and others like McCain, Graham and others who are poisoning the Republican well….but this is were the real work needs to be done!

Changing the figurehead of these organizations isn’t going to change anything until the people in career positions that remain behind and work like little ants chewing away at the fiber of this party are either fired or can’t sit down in their comfortable chairs without burning something!!!

I’m not on the inside and don’t have access to who these people are….or what they are doing from day to day…But I submit to you…that those of you who can shine a light on these cock roaches and expose them to the light of day need to be writing more diaries like this as often as you can!

If you can’t do it and need someone who will write it for you….so as to get the word out about it…and keep your anonymity…I’d be more than happy to do so…send your info to [email protected] I’ll let you proof and aprove anything before I post it.

but for now…John Cornyn needs to hear from ALL of us concerning Brian Walsh…As far as I’m concerned…He’s crossed the Rubicon and he needs a well deserved retirement for suggesting the NRSC would withhold funds from a candidate who was rightfully elected to represent this party in the primary and we shouldn’t rest until he’s gone!

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