My Email pleading with JD Hayworth to take up the McCain Challenge

After the indignity foisted upon all conservatives in 2008 by an out of touch party, I find the new polls showing JD Hayworth withing striking distance of John McCain without even announcing let alone running a single add to be the ultimate opportunity to send an unmistakable message.

I sent the letter below to JD begging him to run and ask those who agree with me to do the same at [email protected]

That snorting you hear are the oxen straining at the yoke hoping to see McCain in a fight for his life. After the indignity we all faced at having the choice between Obama or McCain foisted upon us by an out of tough Republican Party, conservatives across this country are kicking against the pricks dreaming of a serious challenger to run against McCain!

If you run, you’ll have money coming in from every state in the union….Please JD…You’re close without ever having announced….take on this challenge for your country, for the 9/12ers, for the tea partiers, for conservatives, and finally for disaffected and disillusioned Republicans from across this great land who are dying to see the message a McCain primary defeat would send!