Will Scozzafava Actually Keep Her Leadership Position In The NY General Assembly?

Last week was a bit of a Bell Weather was it not? It had it’s ups and downs to be sure and I want to begin this by again asking for prayer for the families and victims of Nidal Malik Hasan.

I would also note that most news reports still refer to this terrorist as b>MajorHasan and I would ask those reading this to refrain from using his rank as part of his name/title.

As the perpetrator of such a crime of Terror and treason against the United States of America I submit to you all that he has lost the right to be known as an officer in the United States military and has no right to expect the respect that such a title bestows upon a faithful and true individual whom this nation has entrusted with her protection.

And with that, it’s time to look at the recent election in NY23 and the continuing fall out from it.

Politico has a story this weekend: GOP mulls stripping Dede of top post which discusses the “possibility” that the Republican Party of NY “might” strip Dede Scozzafava of her position as minority leader pro tem for the NY General assembly. My understanding was that she was Minority Whip, (Maybe someone could clarify her status for me). What ever her rank, she’s either the number 1 or number 2 ranked Republican in the NY assembly. A fact I might add which went largely unreported in the run up to last Tuesday.

I did a post Wednesday: NY 23 And What It Should Mean to ALL Republicans Going Forward pointing out how ridiculous I consider it to be that a person could rise to the highest leadership positions in the NYGOP with the kind of ideology required to become a George Soros/SEIU/ACORN/Workers Family Party endorsed person, so I won’t belabor it here.

But what does the leadership of the NYGOP think about it?

“Fundamentally my members are very disappointed with her endorsement of Bill Owens and aiding him in helping achieve the Nancy Pelosi health care plan in Washington,”

Disappointed? Really? is that all? THIS IS AFTER SHE ENDORSED THE DEMOCRAT!!!

At least one NY Republican has enough backbone to say what he thinks. Listen to Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Donald Coon.

“I campaigned for her. I played the loyal soldier and held my nose as I worked for her and then what does she do?” “She doesn’t care about the GOP. She doesn’t care about the people who worked for her. She just cares about herself.”

Well…here’s where the hand-wringing comes in:

State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox said that when he spoke to Scozzafava soon after she dropped out of the race Saturday “she was sobbing over the phone.”

“It was a difficult decision obviously and she was very concerned over losing her Assembly seat. I tried to assure her that that wouldn’t happen,” he said, speculating that Democrats may have been offering her protection if she endorsed Owens.

Without talking to her great political friends, without contacting me and influenced by her husband who is the head of the central labor council up there, she decided to support the Democratic candidate, which was a betrayal of everything she said she was,” Cox added. “She had assured my every step of the way that she was a solid Republican.”

Well…I’m Shocked..Shocked I tell you!!!

So Poor Dede was scared and didn’t know what to do…and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her now that she’s thrown an election to the Democrats?

One person who isn’t second guessing and wringing her hands is Dede herself:

“I do not regret, at all, the endorsement,” she told the Watertown Daily Times. “And I do not regret running.”

Many of us struggled with the decision whether we could pull the lever for John McCain last November. In the end I pulled the lever in his favor because of his VP pick…but during all my agonizing, there was NEVER any thought to actually calling for the election of Obama.

I spent a lot of time agonizing over that decision and kept coming back to JFK’s admonition that “sometimes party loyalty demands too much”.

Now I’m asking a much simpler question:

“Is it too much to ask that you NEVER EVER EVER Give your direct support and endorsement to a Democrat? “

Is It Mr. Kolb?

Is it Dede?

Many here would argue about how loyal I or other Conservatives would have been if we had refused to pull the lever for McCain…but in Dede’s case…there is no question…there is no room for debate. withholding your vote is one thing…but endorsing the Democrat and advocating for his election is an entirely different can of worms….and leaves ZERO room for debate!!

A “Loyal” Republican would NEVER endorse the Democrat! EVER!!! Maybe she was hurt…maybe she was confused…whatever the reason makes not a bit of difference to me. Whatever her excuse, positions in leadership should be reserved for loyal soldiers in the party and the leadership of the NY GOP should be ashamed of themselves for not dealing with this before now…and with every passing day they let this cancer fester it just heaps more and more disgrace upon them!

Do the right thing Assemblyman Kolb! Dede needs to step aside for the good of the party and for the good of those loyal Republican Assemblymen under her!

If she refuses to step aside, it is your duty sir, to show her the door! Anything less is a betrayal of the good Republicans in NY, those Assemblymen who look to you for leadership, the national GOP and ultimately the good people of New York!

Finally I would once again remind you all…that the NY-23 race is not over. The enemy has seized our keep, but he is by no means in control of it. We have less than a year now to take it back with Hoffman, and the Democrat has already started breaking promises before he cast his first vote so…keep your powder dry and lets take the NY 23 hill in 2010 shall we?

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