***BREAKING*** Continuing Updates***Pray For Ft Hood: 12 Confirmed Dead, 31 Injured In Attack By 1 Shooter Confirmed Dead 2 Others Questioned Then Released

2 shooters reportedly opened fire at the Post Exchange. One Captured second escaped. firing started at Post movie theater late mybe from a third shooter while the second was escaping the Post exchance.

Stand by for updates!

Correction: First shootings began at processing center for injured and general check in.

Update: unclear if shooter at theater was same shooter who escaped the processing center.

Update: This is really driving me batty…they all talk like they every military person on base is armed every minute of the day. We need disparately need journalists who have served and have a clue to report on things like this!

Update: Unclear of second shooter opened fire from accross the processing complex or clear across the base?

Question: From commenter below: Do you call it terrorism if you have a planned and coordinated attack on a military installation by 2 or 3 individuals? If you don’t call it terrorism…what do you call it?

Udate: confirmed 3 shooters involved in the Ft Hood mass shootings. 1 arrested, 1 surrounded, 1 at-large.

Update: 2 suspects captured. 4 Swat officers wounded per DRUDGE

Update San Antonio FBI en route to Ft Hood

Update Army spokesman Lt. Col. Nathan Banks says the first shooting began at about 1:30 p.m. at a personnel and medical processing office. The facility, called a Soldier Rating and Processing center, handles administrative details for soldiers.

Update Numerous sources say graduation was scheduled at the Theater area where several of the shootings occurred.

Update Fox reports 30 Wounded

Update Fox now Reports 9 dead 27 wounded

Update I’m beginning to think reports of third gunman are incorrect.

Update Press jumping to conclusion it is because of battle stress and to many deployments without considering any other possible cause. This is obviously an isolated incident and has no connection to several cells broken up recently with plans to attack military facilities!

Update First shooter killed according to Army Spokesman. Shooter was a soldier. several other suspects have been apprehended…apparently reports of a second shooting scene is in error.

Update All casualties occurred at the soldier readiness center

Update CNN now confirming 11 killed in Fort Hood shootings. 1 gunman dead 2 in custody

12 dead 31 wounded

Update ABC identifies shooter as Major Malik Nadal Hasan.

Update Ouch…Rick Perry is reporting 3 shooters…I think he just screwed up Ft Hood Commander said 1 shooter confirmed dead

Update Congress observing moment of silence

Update Shepard Smith says Hasan shot Own men….Hasan is a Major…I’m not sure if shep meant to say the victims were specifically from Major Hasan’s own unit but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Correction: Eye Witnesses reported two additional shooters who are now in custody and listed as suspects.

Update Congressman Carter on Cavuto reporting another gunman is lose on the base and is being pursued

Update Hasan is reported to be a Psychiatrist….that kind of rules out battle fatigue doesn’t it?

Away from the computer for a while...below are updates:

Former colleague of Hasan said on Fox News Hasan once said “Muslims should stand up to the aggressors” in Iraq and Afghanistan

Cousin says he’s always been a Muslim