NY 23 And What It Should Mean to ALL Republicans Going Forward.

What happened in NY 23 and why is there a Democrat holding that seat for the first time in 150 years?

The NRCC spent almost a million dollars backing Scozzafava,

I hear pundits and commentators saying that over and over…but that’s not the whole story.

The NRCC didn’t just spend it backing Scozzafava, they spent it attacking the conservative and gave the Democrat a pass at least till Dede finally backed out. Her endorsement of the Democrat can’t be ignored as a factor as well.

Then there is something which points out an even bigger problem for the party.

I’ll quote Dan McLaughlin from his front page post, “Yes, All Politics Is Local” for a little background before I lay out my points, (besides…this post began as a comment to his thread):

And perhaps worst of all, and a desperately under-covered aspect of this special election as well as the one to fill Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat in New York’s 20th District in April, Scozzafava has spent more than a decade in New York’s State Assembly. ACORN ties are bad enough, but the most radioactive association possible right now in the State of New York is with the notoriously corrupt, dysfunctional state legislature. Yet the GOP ran the State Assembly Minority Leader, Jim Tedisco (a 23-year veteran of the Assembly), for Gillibrand’s seat, and now Scozzafava. Unsurprisingly, in a climate of pervasive anti-Albany sentiment, both went down to defeat in otherwise winnable races. The nominations of Tedisco and Scozzafava represent a catastrophic failure to understand local sentiment. Conservatives who supported Hoffman, while recognizing that he, too, was an imperfect candidate, saw that at least as a political outsider, he’d have the credibility to speak to the populist revolt against the unholy alliance of Big Federal Government, Big State Government, Big Labor, and Big Business against the ordinary taxpayer.

My question here is several fold…Dan Talks about the anti-Albany sentiment and rightly diagnoses the problem I think but ignores the 800 pound gorilla in the tent…

Dede Scozzafava was the second most powerful Republican in the NY assembly!

Scozzafava was minority whip and right out of leadership just like Jim Tedisco. So she wasn’t picked out of a hat or out of the clear blue sky! Once again, the party’s proclivity to promote the next in line because it’s “their turn” has come back to haunt us. What’s more, Pete Sessions has said she was selected because “The Money was happy with her” meaning the big money donors in NY.

How is that possible? I mean…here we are having drummed her out of the race because of her ties to Acorn, The socialist Working Families Party and a record that clearly put her to the left of the Democrat in this race and no one will even ask how it is that someone with that kind of record could become the second most powerful Republican in the NY legislature?

I find it hard to believe that every Republican in the New York legislature is so liberal that they would elect a George Soros type Republican to represent them…but if they are…what does that say about the state of the NYGOP and the work to be done to clean it up?

NY 23 didn’t happen in a vacuum…it came after the 2006 and 2008 elections…Conservatives are steaming mad after being ignored for two straight elections and being forced into a Hobsian choice for POTUS last year. then the party throws up something like this for us to look at in an off/off year election.

I guess what I am saying about it is this. It happened because the people in control of the party have stopped looking at what this is all about. Scozzafava was picked because she was Minority Whip of the NY general Assembly in Albany. She was picked because the big money donors liked her. She was picked because 11 county chairs reportedly had their arms twisted by the NRCC to nominate her because she fits the big tent mold…Most Importantly…She was picked NOT elected!

My thing is this…in all this debate about….”Who is the best fit for what district and what race”…”Who can self fund?”…”What does ‘the money’ think?”…”How do we appeal to moderates and independents” What get’s lost is…”What does it mean to be a Republican?” “What is it that makes one a Republican and what’s the point of going through this exercise every 2, 4, or 6 years?” “Will she get it right?” “Will her candidacy and the things she stands for hurt or help the United States of America?” “Will she help or hurt the Republican Party.” “Will she advance or roll back the advances of Republican ideals?”

With that last I could take this in another completely different direction by asking those questions about the Republican Party, “What does the Republican Party stand for?”, “Do the Republican Party’s current policies help or hurt the United States of American and all that has made her the greatest nation in the history of the world?” “Does the Republican Party have the right motivations in the candidate she picks?”…I could go on and on so I’ll leave that for a different Diary.

Bottom line? The Republican Party is making headway right now because we’re not the Democrats…but that won’t sustain us over the long haul. What we need to decide right now what we are going to be about. Why do we exist? What policies are we going to advance? Do we care about our liberties any more and what can we do to protect and defend them?

If I were to ask you right now to tell me, (aside from simply winning elections) what the Republican Party stands for today, what her goals are, and if she has a vision for what she want’s this country to be…and where she want’s this country to be 100 years from now…could any of you give me an honest answer?

Answer these questions and we’ll be able to make it when we’re suddenly standing at the top of the key with the ball in our hands the clock winding down and the game on the line. If we don’t answer them…we’ll justifiably find our behinds warming the bench again in a couple years and fighting amongst ourselves while we wait for our leadership to come up with a reason for our existance!

I could go on and on…but I’ll leave it there and leave those who read this to think and ponder on it. Let’s figure out where were are headed and what minimum standards we are willing to accept in our candidates and leadership. Let’s get to work reshaping this party to the positive force for good that we all know she should be! Most importantly…The Democrats need to hold this seat in one short year from today…so…let’s finish the job!

Hoffman 2010 kicks off NOW!!! The Road to redemption in NY 23!

PS Fred smacked one out of the Park on Cavuto today.

The Big tent analogy isn’t the correct one…the correct one is a magnet…we need to be a magnate that draws these independents in who are sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington

Brilliant Fred…Simply BRILLIANT!

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