Tin Ears In Republican Leadership? (Updated!!!)

I was in the middle of writing another diary about the insanity of the NRCC attacks on Hoffman while leaving the Democrat untouched in NY-23 after posting contact info for the NRCC when I realized, they’ve pulled the attack ad on Hoffman and replaced it with an ad slamming Bill Owens…yes…The Democrat. Maybe they’re actually listening?

Who knows..but they deserve credit for this:

So here we are. It’s now five years since the Republican Party crushed the Democrats in a base election doing something that had only been done a few times in History.

And that is?

We re-elected a Republican President while expanding Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. By focusing on activating and turning out all factions of the GOP base Republicans made sweeping gains despite the Democrats turning out their voters in record numbers and despite the fact that they met all their fund raising and GOTV goals!

It’s three years since America threw those Republican majorities out on their ears for betraying the base that brought them to the ball by spending like drunken sailors and expanding government faster than almost any Democrat in history. After Amnesty, the Bridge to Nowhere, Harriot Myers, protecting crooks and pedophiles and clinging to Donald Rumsfeld and his minimalist approach to the war on Iraq!

Now, it’s approaching a year since Americans went to the polls and elected the weakest, most inexperienced, most far left candidate the Democrats put on the field in 30 years after the Republicans put up a Democrat light candidate and doubled down on their big spending, social conservative rejecting, left leaning moderate and independent pandering strategy that had lost them the election just two years before earning them an even more devastating, seat clearing spanking from the American People.

In that year we’ve watched corporations being nationalized including banks, the auto industry, and others I’m sure you’ll remind me of. We’ve watched the largest single year deficits in American history balloon from $450 Billion to over $1.5 trillion dollars with some of which was passed along by a Republican President and voted for nearly unanimously by Republicans in the House and Senate.

We’ve watched the Democrats arrogantly cram one piece of socialist trash after another down our throats with nary a peep from the Republican Party accept to say…”we’re for that too…just not as fast…or not as much!”

Pretty dark times to be sure…and out of the middle of that darkness comes a spontaneous. leaderless revolt against the insanity coming from both parties in Washington.

The Tea Parties!!!

I call it a spontaneous/leaderless movement because…without being told…or directed how to do so, millions of Americans have shown up at town halls and courthouse lawns across the nation in a tea party revolt that has stopped the Obama juggernaut in it’s tracks. All that and it was done without ANY help from the Republican Party.

And what’s the result?

After the Republican Party, (more accurately a collection of establishment hacks), nominates a far left, union loving, Daily KOS endorsed, ACORN lackey to represent the Republican Party in NY-23, the Conservatives…Tea Party warriors decide not to play ball and manage to push a conservative candidate forward who has a legitimate chance to win a traditionally Republican seat, the Party goes on the attack.

Never mind this candidate is a Republican who tried to be the Republican nominee who was stiff armed by far left Republican Party officials…and never mind that he has stated he would caucus with the party…the RNC decides it’s a good idea to throw a bucket of warm spit on the tea party goers and conservatives who have managed to stifle the Obama, Pelosi, Reid triumvirate with little to no help from the Republican party at all.

Now keep in mind…there are other races where the RNC and NRCC could help the Republican Party pick up blue seats like CA-10 where Doug Harmer is within striking distance of the Democrat running to fill Ellen Tauscher’s seat who is stalled due to lack of funds!

Brilliant aren’t they?

But where are we in NY-23 you ask? Hoffman has a lead against the Democrat AND the establishment Republicrat. Good news you might think…except the RNC has chosen not to let the Conservative who would caucus with Republicans…and has said he’d be running as a Republican in 2010 win.

Help Harmer take a blue seat? let a conservative hold on to a red seat?

NO!…we’d rather protect the perks and power of a couple local bosses. and to hell with taking over a Dem seat when we can attack a conservative and hand the seat to a Democrat.

My proof?

So my fellow Republicans…how does it feel to have your funds used against you?

But it get’s better…You’ll remember I started out talking about the Tea Parties and the ground swell of activism that has done so much to stop Obama…well…it turns out that our party seems to have decided it would be a good idea to attack them too.Keep in mind…this is Newt’s cheif of staff. and I’ll add…that litany of liberal Republicans he names off aren’t in the House or Senate any more…They haven’t been in a long time…and it’s not because conservatives voted them out of office…they ran their races…the way they wanted to run their races…and they lost.

The decision was made decades ago that conservatism couldn’t win in their areas so they had to run left…there has been no effort to sell fiscal, or social conservatism at all. They’ve had their way…and these areas are a wasteland devoid of Republican governance!

But the line is….Conservatives and Tea Party goers are to blame for the total lack of Republicans in the North East and in California? it couldn’t possibly be the failing of those who have followed a losing strategy for decades!

Before I move on…let me say this about not practicing the politics of division or subtraction…(like nails on a chalk board when you hear it isn’t it?)…Just who is practicing the politics of subtraction by giving the base of this party a backhanded slap? and since your strategy has failed so miserably in the last 3 decades…please tell me why we should blindly follow you all off the cliff in the rest of the country?

I’ve had my fill of this crap. These are the people who have taken us from a sweeping base election in 2004 when Republicans gained it all for the first time in 70 years…to the very bottom and the pit of near irrelevancy in 5 short years…yet they continue their condescending and arrogant attacks on us.

But hold on…I’m not done yet…

Here’s a couple gems from Politico from the usual suspects from the left wing of the Republican Party:

…after Pawlenty’s endorsement Monday, some in the party voiced concern that the 2012 GOP field was moving too far to the right, too early.

“For a lot of moderates who look at Pawlenty as reasonable, it’s kind of disappointing,” said former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), a former NRCC chairman. “What Republicans have to realize is that they have to form a broad base of support. But that’s not how you win the Republican primary.”

For those of you not familiar with my writings, Tom Davis is current chairman of the Republican Main Street Partnership who most recently is the proud recipient of over $50,000 from the AORN/Rathke backed Service Employees International Union….you may also recognize them as the mob muscle in purple shirts responsible for roughing up citizens apposed to Obama’s takeover of one seventh of the US Economy.

“This underscores a major issue the party is facing. How to win general elections, when the primaries are getting more and more conservative?” said Carl Forti, who served as political director on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential bid and who has ties to upstate New York. “The primary winners are often too right-wing to win a general election. This trend can’t continue if the GOP hopes to become a majority party again.”

How about saying what you mean…and doing what you say Carl…I know it’s a foreign concept to the establishment…but this crap of running to the right to win the primary and running left to win the general doiesn’t work…As the Democrats who figured out a couple years ago that you run to the right all the way to get elected…and then govern from the left!

Then there is this:

Davis argued that while the Democrats were losing support among independents, Republicans risked losing that support if their leaders were seen as rushing to the right.

Heh…so in one breath we have Davis saying moderates and independents are fleeing from the Democrat Party and then saying Republicans will chase them away unless the act like the Dems!


Finally…from a gutless wonder who doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to spew his pap in public and would prefer to gutter snipe instead of standing up and clearly state what he believes:

A senior GOP strategist, granted anonymity in order to speak candidly, lamented that in endorsing Hoffman, the contenders had delivered to the White House an early victory in their efforts to brand the Republican Party as dominated by its conservative wing.

“The Obama White House has made a lot of mistakes, but they’ve certainly gotten the Republican Party’s number,” said the strategist.

The rush to back Hoffman, this strategist said, is “proof that the Obama political strategy is working.”

The strategist further argued that in supporting a candidate who is a favorite among tea party activists, Pawlenty and others are pandering to a faction that has yet to prove it is willing to actively support the GOP in elections.

Do what? If this kind of genius is all it takes to make a hundreds of thousands of dollars running political campaigns, where do I sign up?

First off…wetting the bed and crapping your pants worrying what your enemy thinks about you isn’t a strategy for winning a position as hall monitor. Second of all…if the White House has anyone’s number…it is this pin head’s.

Then this so called strategist ends his brilliant insite that the Tea Party has yet to show it’s loyalty to the Republican Party after wasting good air explaining why the Republican Party shouldn’t show any loyalty to them!

I’ll close with this from Politico concerning the grass roots uprising that has become known as the tea parties:

“We need more voices,” said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, one of the party’s up-and-coming leaders. “Our party’s challenge has been that we need to be more inclusive — we need to attract the middle again. … When one party controls all the levers of power in Washington, they’re going to try and villainize whoever they can on our side. It gives us an opportunity now to try and harness the energy and point it in a positive direction, so that we can attract the middle of the country to the common-sense conservative views that we have been about as a party.”

A word of caution Mr Cantor…I’d be careful stepping onto the tracks and trying to redirect the power and energy of this movement in a “positive direction” if you are of a mind to turn it in the direction the Republican Party has been going over the last 5 years. As far as I’m concerned, we’re headed in the right direction…and any effort to turn us in a leftward direction will only get you run over!