March of the RINOs III: Tell Me Again Why Olympia Snowe Is A Republican?

And there you have it folks…after all the fanfare a couple weeks ago about how Senator Olympia Snowe was going to act like a Republican for once…and vote with the rest of the party on Obamacare…after all the town halls…and hell raising across the country against a nationalized health care system…after all the tea parties and protests…After seniors have decided to get engaged in opposition…after all the debates and studies showing HCR is a loser for the American People…that it will ration care, increase costs…after all the studies and reports show it growing the deficit and adding to the debt…after Obama’s once astronomical numbers have dropped like a rock….Olympia Snowe announces to great fanfare that she’ll be voting with the Democrats on Health Care Reform


and what’s her brilliant reasoning?

She told her colleagues she has misgivings about the bill, but “when history calls, history calls.”

“Is this bill all that I want? Far from it. Is it all that it could be? No,” Snowe said. “But when history calls, history calls. And I happen to think the consequences of inaction dictate the urgency of Congress to take every opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time.”

heh…really? When history calls, history calls? What kind of mindless tripe is that….my question is this…Just what the hell will history call you when this is all said and done Senator? I have a few names in mind…but they don’t fly too well in polite company…and my sunday school class would certainly think less of me for giving in to their use!

She goes on to state the following which says to me…”I’ve had a grand time having the press and Democrats court me and sing my praises over the last months…and I’m holding my hand forth as an invitation for you to continue”…

She said she supports the bill with reservations, and shares the Republican concerns about how Democrats will shape the bill after it leaves the committee.

In a subtle warning, Snowe said: “My vote today is my vote today, it doesn’t forecast what my vote will be tomorrow.”

but my question is this…does anyone here doubt how she’ll vote for whatever hits the floor since it’s leaving the committee with her blessing?

To top it off…Baucus appeared to be struck speechless that she actually decided to pander to his slobbering outreach to her trying to bribe her to his side of the isle…Even he seemed flabbergasted by her colossal stupidity!

Give me a break already. I and SoCons like myself have been relentlessly pounded by Snowe and her groupies since 1994 for being what’s wrong with the Republican Party. We’ve been told we’re the reason the all important moderates and independents have abandoned the Republican Party and that we need to sit down and shut up so you can drive us to a permanent Republican Majority…

And from what I’m seeing…you’ve succeeded in shutting us up…I don’t hear ANYONE talking about social issues now…We’re all to busy to notice Obama’s new push to scrap don’t ask don’t tell…and funding abortion in the health care bill…and all the rest of it…we’re all too busy trying to hold the line against the greatest expansion of centralized federal power over our most basic every day lives since FDR…and here we have exhibit #1 as to why appeasing the RINOs of this party will never gain us ANYTHING

At this point I wish to welcome my libertarian and FisCon brethren to my little corner of the “STUPID PARTY”…now you’re the reason the Republican Party is in trouble…it’s you {snear}”Principles”{/snear} and unwillingness to compromise that are to blame for our current straights!

In less than a year we’ve bailed out banks, taken over private industries, increased the deficit from $400 billion dollars to nearly two trillion dollars with the help of the RINO wing of this party and along comes one of the ladies from the great white north with her stamp of approval to yet $829 billion more in government largess and control over out lives…

Keep in mind folks…this is just health care…we still have Amnesty and Cap and trade coming up…Of course, Snowe will slink back into the wings and let McCain, Grahamnesty, and Collins take the lead in selling us down the river on those issues…

So…hows that argument about needing 40 votes in the Senate working out for you all out there!

Bahh! Why do I even bother!

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