Well Well Well...McCain Will Host A Fundraiser For Mitt Romney

In the “See I told you so” category it seems the first installment is being made by establishment Republicans to pay Mitt (“I’m the genius behind MassCare”) Romney back for stepping aside during the 2008 CPAC conference and clearing the way for the disaster that became the McCain Campaign and an eventual Obama Presidency.

McCain to host Romney fundraiser
Posted: September 25th, 2009 11:07 AM ET

From CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby
McCain and Romney were at times bitter rivals during the 2008 campaign.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Sen. John McCain is co-hosting a fundraiser for his former 2008 Republican primary rival Mitt Romney next Wednesday in Phoenix.

McCain and his fellow Arizona senator Jon Kyl will headline the event at Chase Bank Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The fundraiser will benefit Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC, and features a $3,000 per person VIP reception along with a $300 per person luncheon.

I said the day the announcement of Romney’s “shocking” resignation from the race that a deal had been made in a smoke filled room at the CPAC meeting and here we are. We have watched McCain play coy concerning the attacks by his underlings on Sarah Palin refusing to defend her and call off is dogs and sing the praises of Tim Paulenty as his kind of Republican but in the end…I contend the first installment in the deal has just been made.

We’ll see if this is all we’ll see from John (Crap & Tax) McCain in helping Romney or if he’ll consider his debt paid and go prancing off to his beloved Pawlenty…My guess is this will be it for McCain because the contempt he has for Romney is palpable…McCain’s petty vindictiveness is legendary and the fact that he even did this fundraiser is proof to me that this is real…

As for the rest of the establishmentarians of OUR party…you can expect to see McCain’s campaign operatives and closest advisers signing up for jobs with ROMNEY 2012 as the rest of the Republican Party establishment continues in it’s back slapping, underhanded dealings while simultaneously giving the base the back of it’s hand! You can expect to see Romney’s profile begin to rise and we’ll see him all over the talk circuit…this is where it starts kids…

I’ll point out here that McCain has received a contribution to his Senate Campaign from SARAH PAC and I don’t see a dime coming into his coffers from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC. Palin’s contribution shows her to be either a loyal soldier who is thankful to his Campaign Financeness or a sucker of the highest order…

Maybe I’m full of crap…Many here already think so anyway…only time will tell…I’m sure Steve LA will remind me if I’m wrong…so pass the pop corn and hand me the remote!