****BREAKING**** Several Ambulances dispatched to the VA home of Robert Byrd (D-WV)

From Politico:

Victoria Hays, who lives in Byrd’s neighborhood, said she saw three fire trucks, two ambulances, a uniformed police officer and security personnel on the driveway of the senator’s house Tuesday morning.

“We’ve all kind of noticed there have been a lot more nurses” in recent days at Byrd’s house, she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this around his house before. We’re hoping for the best.”

Byrd is 91 years old and has been in failing health for some time. He’s reportedly been absent from the Senate for much of this year.

Having grown up in WV I know Byrd as kind of a legend who is revered for his ability in recent years of funneling Pork to WV. I recall sometime in the late 90s he funneled 70% of all Federal Highway funds to WV road projects. He also moved the FBI Fingerprint center to Clarksburg WV, and NASA to Fairmont. There isn’t a town in WV that doesn’t have something named for the Senator.

Of course everyone remembers him for his days as the WV Grand Dragon of the Kinights of the Klu Klux Klan, and for his rambling speaches in the Senate of late.

While my Prayers are with the Byrd family and for a return to good health of Senator Byrd as well as a prayer for his immortal soul, one can’t escape the political consequences of a second vacancy of a powerful Senate Seat.

Byrd has been known as a traditionalist in the Senate and someone who holds the Constitution in high regard though I think that’s been over blown, (He is a Democrat after all), and I wonder how his absence will effect the way things go on Health Care Reform because of the obvious problem caused by 2 Democrat Vacancies in the Senate as well as the loss of his voice holding Democrats to a slightly more moderate path in ramming their socialist agenda through for the sake of tradition if nothing else.

One other question would be how Governor Joe Manchin will replace him if it becomes necessary. I know a little about Joe having grown up about 10 miles from his home in Farmington WV. I am acquainted with him though not close by any means. He’s a Democrat but not a rabid leftist unless he’s changed in the last ten years I think we could see another Blue Dog in the Senate if an appointment becomes necessary.