Happy Red State Anniversary To Me!

What happened? It doesn’t seem possible but here I am having completed 2 years at Red State. It seems I’ve achieved the near impossible!

Just to review…I came here as a Huckster during the primary season and it might surprise some of you but I was pretty confrontational and strident in my support for the Huckster in Chief.

I know…I know…It’s hard to believe I could be controversial in my approach to anything given my mild mannered approach to all things politics and my moderating attempts to never give offense which you’ve all become accustomed to from me.

I’ll add here that I supported Huckabee as the less bad of a bunch of REALLY bad choices though I defended him to the hilt as I would any candidate I believed in!

Some of you may remember the hard time I had being blammed several times but by the grace of GOD and the understanding and nurturing guidance of Adam C and a few of the moderators, I managed to survive to become the mild mannered, calm, big tent Republican who stands before you today.

In all seriousness, I’ve loved the time I’ve had here and hope it continues for many years to come. For those of you who have been on the receiving end of my barbs and rhetorical flourishes Please know none of it has ever been personal for me…I’m of the old school where two testosterone filled bulls can face off in the front parking lot and sit down for a beer together after both our noses have been bloodied. To me…such is the natural way of things and as I’ve said hundreds of times here, the back and forth between us only serves to strengthen and refine our arguments even if we never convince each other of the rightness of the other’s cause.

Finally, to those of you who have doubts about my commitment to my party, and the Conservative values it represents, please know that for all my rantings, slings and arrows aimed at “RINOs”, “Rockefeller Republicans”, “Eisenhower Republicans”, “Country Clubbers”, “Elites”, “Ivy Leaguers” and “Big Tenters”, My rantings are based on my honest beliefs that the way back for this Party is by lifting up, selling, and standing by Conservative values and Principles. It is my earnest belief that we have lost our way as a Party and lost track of what it is that has made America the Greatest nation on the face of the Earth and the “last best hope of mankind”. I love this Party and have sacrificed my time and money to her and I will continue to do so even if and long after I’m labeled a trouble maker, a problem child, a back biter, a traitor, a quasi Democrat, a KOSac, or any of the other things I’ve been labeled as.

For me, it takes all kinds to build a successful team. I’ve been accused of firing at the wrong target, sometimes justifiably so…but there is a necessity for a whistle blower to point out the enemies in our midst or the holes in our defensive lines just as there is for the front line troops, the planners, the organizers and the Generals who lead the army into battle. That seems to have become my roll, sometimes despite myself because I write when I’m ticked off and there is little that ticks me off more than my own so called leaders giving away the store!

Hope that clarifies for some of you what makes me tick!


Here’s praying I survive another two years as a devoted Red Stater and thanks to all those who have kept me around and followed me over the last two years!