I Thought Sotomayor Was A Shoe In! So Why Is Leahy Calling Republicans Racists For Questioning Her Work In La Raza, (Translation: The Race)?

According to Politico, Pat Leahy has unleashed a screed against Republicans for daring to question Sotomayor’s commitment and participation in/to Racist Organizations like La Raza, (The Race). La Raza advocates taking back the western United States by using mass immigration, Patrick Leahy Hits GOP for “Racist” Comments.

Aside from the obvious question, “If the Dems have the upper hand here and Sotomayor is a forgone conclusion, why is Leahy bringing out the big guns” which I want asked and answered, because If they’re having problems maybe a push by Republicans would scuttle her, I want to focus on Leahy’s slurs and Sessions cowardice in facing it!

“You have one leader of the Republican Party call her the equivalent of the head of the Ku Klux Klan. Another leader of the Republican Party called her a bigot,” the Vermont Democrat said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The leadership of the Republican Party came out against her long before we had the hearings, long before they looked at her record. I think that’s unfair.”
“I hope we don’t go back to the day when we used to have African-Americans up for confirmation and say yes, but you belong to the NAACP so we’re really suspicious of you,” said Leahy. “Come on, stop the racial politics. …”

Of course Senator Sessions the semi-effective minority leader on the judiciary committee made a stammering, whining attempt to object:

“Come on, Pat, I want to disagree …”

But on goes Leahy:

“That’s what comes across. It comes across that if you belong to a group that tries to help Hispanics, … somehow you’re suspicious. The same arguments were used against Thurgood Marshall, and I think it’s wrong.”

Sessions response to the usual vapid crap from the Democrats? Well…What’s a Republican to do but snivel and lend credence to the intolerable and incessant cat calls of racism from the Democrats on every issue that comes down the pipes!

“No Republican leader said she was a bigot,” said Sessions. “There’s nothing wrong with us asking about her personal views about legal positions that she took as a member of any organization. That’s a normal thing to do.”

Hey Senator Sessions…has the possibility that she is a bigot ever occurred to you and/or any “Republican Leader” and that maybe she should be opposed because she’s part of a group that is actively leading a secession movement.

I would argue there is ample evidence of her bigotry and I would additionally argue she should be opposed as a bigot first and foremost and that’s before we even consider her activist philosophy and comments that the courts are where policy is made!

Instead of sniveling like a little child who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, maybe you should try and counter Leahey’s lies instead of making excuses!

As to Leahy, I’m not a violent man but this is his modus operadi. His comments and arrogant insistence and reliance on insult and vicious smears was once upon a time considered a punchable offence if not something to be settled in a duel.

I can think of very few I would derive more pleasure from seeing them roundly smashed in the mouth. Leahy is near the top of that category.

In Leahy’s world it’s perfectly fine to accuse Republicans of the most vile and despicable motives such as racism, wanting to starve women and children or destroy our planet and poison our air and water for opposing any Democrat on any issue. Conversely, it’s not ok for a Republican to call an obvious Democrat Racist a Racist. Oh contraire, for a Republican to do so is proof positive that the Republican is a bigot!

I don’t know who I hold more in contempt on this, Leahy who is following a deplorable and infuriating tactic that has worked so well for the Democrats of 70 years or Sessions and the Republican leadership who have been beaten by the same tactic for 70 years and are either too stupid to come a counter to the tactic after 70 years or if they are simply cowards who don’t have the guts or the testicular fortitude to call a gutless and sniveling piece of crap out to the front parking lot for the beating they’ve so obviously earned!

By the way, before anyone goes and accuses me of physically threatening a sitting United States Senator, I’m speaking hyperbolically.

I will say the picture of SC Cong. Preston Brooks taking his cane to MA Sen. Charles Sumner in 1856 keeps dancing in my head. That said, I’m not threatening anyone…simply pointing out this behavior would have resulted in such a beating back when honor and integrity still meant something in America.