March Of The RINOs Part 2: Specter To Face Democrat Primary Challenge, NRSC Duplicity in PA

Probably the funniest thing today and falling into the poetic justice category is, (According to Talking Points Memo Sestak Intends To Run For Senate),  Snarlen Arlen with all his double dealings and gyrating himself into the Democrat Party to save his own worthless hide will face a challenge in the Democrat Primary in the person of Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA)

(Sestak)…is privately telling supporters that he intends to run for Senate, TPMDC has confirmed.

“He intends to get in the race,” says Meg Infantino, the Congressman’s sister, who works at Sestak for Congress. “In the not too distant future, he will sit down with his wife and daughter to make the final decision.”

The move would constitute a primary challenge to Arlen Specter who intends to run for re-election in 2010, after having switched parties earlier this year.

Earlier today, a Sestak volunteer and contributor received a handwritten note from Sestak himself, announcing his intent to run and asking for a contribution….

The note says, “I am writing you as especially dear supporters to let you know I intend to run for the U.S. Senate…my candidacy’s credibility will have much to do with my fund raising success by the 30 June FEC filing deadline at the end of this quarter. Would you help me bring the change for the future we Pennsylvanians need[?]”

Infantino confirms that the note is genuine and that “Joe Sestak has written a number of similar notes.”

So…not only has Pat Toomey run Specter from the Party that Specter loved to hate, but right into a bloody primary battle to hold on to the the seat he so shamelessly handed to the Democrats in an opportunistic attempt to maintain his own perks and power. Maybe now Arlen will finally understand what Conservatives have always known and have never tired of telling him.

“Hey Arlen…you can’t trust anything the Democrats say…NOW DO YOU GET IT?”

It just doesn’t get any better than this folks!

GOD Bless you Toomey!

And that brings me to the outrage in PA with the NRSC and the statement from my Senator from Texas John Cornyn. NRSC Chief Looks at Key 2010 Senate Races :

It seems the Primary in Florida has “formed” and it isn’t too premature for the NRSC to endorse Charlie Crist while declaring the primary a lost cause for the more conservative Marco Rubio….

SEN CORNYN: “Gov. Crist is the strongest candidate that will enable us to hold the seat,” Cornyn told me, “Marco Rubio…[has] a bright future ahead of him, but right now the Mason Dixon poll shows Crist beating him in a primary by 53% to 18%.” By nominating Crist, Cornyn believes, “we won’t have to spend precious resources in Florida” to retain the seat of retiring Sen. Mel Martinez (who has also endorsed Crist).

But on the other hand it’d just be wrong to be too hasty in an endorsement of Pat Toomey who did us all a favor by chasing the liberal Arlen Specter, conservative nemesis and the former NRSC endorsed candidate into the waiting arms of a Democrat party that is set to slit his throat:

“That primary (PA Senate) is still forming and there are other people looking at the race.” To endorse Toomey now…“would be premature.” (Sources close to the NRSC say that the more moderate Rep. Jim Gerlach has been sending out feelers about switching from the three-candidate primary for governor to the Senate race).

So presumably the Senate Race in PA won’t be “Formed” and “Mature” Until the far more liberal and RMSP alumnus Jim Gerlach is in the race so the NRSC can endorse him!

So…for those of us who can find something to laugh at despite our fury at a Party that is hell bent on losing yet another election…it’s been a pretty good day!