Well Well Well, Americans Want A Check On Obama’s Agenda...Ohh And Cheney's Approval Ratings Are Up

Well Wadda ya know!

According to a new poll from McLaughlin & Associates, Americans Want A Check On Obama’s Agenda, Americans are looking to Republicans to provide a foil to Obama’s more radical policies. According to this poll a 51% majority now are willing to vote Republican so they can act as a check on Obama’s agenda. 47% are presumably fine with a socialist bent of this Administration. According to the article, that’s a 17% shift in the answer to the same question asked just five months ago.

Surprisingly the biggest drop came among Democrats 86% of whom said they would vote Democrat in January as opposed to only 75% today.

Republicans? What blows my mind more than anything is the very existence of 10% of so called Republicans polled in January who said they wanted more Democrats in Congress to help Obama. What particularly frosts my britches on this is not only does this group exist at all…but that the number still stands at 6% of Republicans who would vote Democrat in 2010 to help Obama after the unbridled and unprecedented assault on the free market and economic liberty on full display over the first 100 days of his Administration.

Finally…and most infuriating to me is that so called Moderates and Independents went the other way…today 3% more Moderates and Independents would vote Democrat to help Obama while 12% more DEMOCRATS would vote for Republicans.

To me…this begs the question…why are we moving left to attract more Moderates and Independents when that group shows more loyalty to Obama than even Democrats do? Why aren’t we moving right…or at least trying to hold our ground to attract the Democrats who would vote Republican and outnumber the Moderates and Independents willing to vote Republican as a Percentage of those polled by 8%

So…after all is said and done…Republicans have piled up 11% of Democrats and 4% of Republicans while the Dems picked up 3% more moderates and independents.

What does this tell me? That we still need to be moderating to attract Moderates and Independents? That Republicans and our leaders need to continue the policy of spineless timidity in the face of Obama’s naked ambition? Does it mean we need to keep helping the Democrats shuffle their agenda through without nary a peep from Republicans?

Then there’s that right wing extremist the establishment big wigs have been trying to ignore and shut out of the party. You know…he’s that big mouth that makes them blush in shame every time he opens his mouth and was most recently our Vice President of the United States, Favorable Opinions of Cheney Rise. Though still not over 50% approval, Cheney’s approval numbers have climbed 8% since he’s been out counter punching against the Obama Administration and their constant attacks and finger pointing at the Bush Administration on the issue. Of course he’s improved his numbers by fighting like a man rather than shutting up and cowering in a corner like the MSM tools who call themselves Republicans have advised him to do. Over the time he’s been out there fighting the Obama Administration almost singlehandedly. All the while, the cocktail circuit has been abuzz attacking him and the Republicans for having nothing else to offer than the most unpopular Vice President in American History!

So Cheney is out there all alone fighting the good fight and gaining in popularity for telling it like it is…yet we have no equivalent to him on Fiscal issues at a time when the Obama administration is involved in the wholesale nationalization of the Banking, Credit Card and Auto Industries. We have no champion on the subject of fiscal issues as the Obama Administration are busy on raising taxes using Cap & Trade and global warming as cover. We have no voice to oppose the Obama Administration as it quadruples the annual deficit. There is no one to point out Obama’s lies about cutting the deficit in half in four years using the astronomic numbers he’s run up since being in office. By his math…we start with a $500 Billion annual Deficit. He increases spending and vastly expands the Government and run’s the Annual Deficit up to $1 Trillion and makes the absurd claim that allowing the deficit to fall back to $531 Billion is cutting the Deficit he supposedly inherited in half without nary a peep from the clowns running The Republican Party and directing it’s message!

I won’t even mention the fact there is noone out there making a SoCon counterpoint to Obama since the other two issues are so out of control as to take the Social Issues off the table for the foreseeable future…I’m not happy about that…but its the way it is…and we need to stop him dead in his tracks on the other two issues or Social Issues won’t matter a bit!

So…What’s to be inferred from this turn of events?

  1. If voters are Willing to vote for Republicans to serve as a ceck on the Obama administration after 100 days…shouldn’t the Republican Party be more focused on being the loyal opposition and more vocal about Obama’s more radical agenda instead of looking for places to compromise?
  2. If moving leftward to attract Moderates and Independents netted no new Moderates and Independents who are inclined to vote Republican, why are we willing to sacrifice our principles to pander to them?
  3. If Obama’s policies are bad enough to make upwards of 11% of registered Democrats be inclined to vote Republican as a check against his excesses…shouldn’t we be attempting to present an alternative to the Obama Administration instead of watering down our message to avoid controversy?
  4. If there has been a 17% swing in these numbers in just five months…isn’t the RNC and the NRSC making a mistake backing a Charlie Crist over a Mike Rubio or a Gerlach over a Toomey because past and current polling shows a more moderate candidate would win more thab a year and a half from the 2010 elections as opposed to standing on principles…fighting for what we know to be right and let Obama’s policies do our work for us?
  5. Hasen’t Cheney shown there is very little down side…and significant up side to standing up for your principles and fighting the lies of the opposition as opposed to sitting quietly by while your enemies demonize and define you unopposed?

Finally…let’s not forget the recent poll showing voter registration among self identified Republicans is down while self identification as conservatives has remained steady or increased slightly.

Again, the March of the RINOs continues as the evidence proves over and over again the folly of allowing them to control our agenda….so, what are we going to do about it?