March Of The RINOs Part one: **UPDATED AND CORRECTED**

I didn’t check my facts before posting…Tom Davis is not NRCC Chair. Congressman Pete Sessions (TX32) is.

So everyone underestands where I screwed up:

From Politico:

Good riddance? GOP relies on Specter-like recruits

What’s happened is in these cases, the Democrats have screwed up,” said former NRCC Chairman Tom Davis, who has been a leading voice in arguing that the party needs to become more competitive in all regions.

The word “FORMER” is my scarlet letter of shame. So…be forewarned…look before you leap in a knee jerk reaction to something you read…or think you read…avoid the error I made here…the rest of the post is somewhat relevant so I will leave it up and strike through the offending quotes concerning Davis and I will follow up with more on this and the parties involved in part 2.

My apologies to all and I beg your forgiveness.


Those of you here who know me know my frustration with the seeming insistence of the Republican Party’s insistence in propagating a center/left campaign and governing strategy in a center/right country. I spent much of the 2008 election cycle and all my time as a Red State member railing against Tom Cole at the National Republican Campaign Committee and John Ensign at the National Republican Senatorial Committee and their losing strategy of declaring the 2008 election a lost cause while whining the whole time that they couldn’t get contributions from members to pay for what they had already declared a lost cause!

I’ve since written a few times about things that have tweaked me and hacked me off…but since the 2008 elections I’ve kind of fallen asleep to some of the goings on at the NRCC and the NRSC…this is my confession that I’ve failed in my diligence and I apologize here and now for missing what I’m writing about.

Most of you know about my unrelenting attacks on the Republican Main Street Partnership and its stated goals of “moderating” the rightward lurch of the Republican Party after the 1994 elections and their active planning, plotting and scheming to thwart the pro-life, small government agenda of the supposed party of conservatives. I’ve tried to keep up with them and their activities and keep everyone who reads my posts informed.

For those of you not familiar with the group, let me give you a little background. If you’ve read my rants about them before…skip ahead.

I’m kicking myself for not printing off their whole web site when I first started researching them due to the fact, since I’ve been pounding them, they’ve done a complete rework of their site and sanitized it of all their past press releases to conceal their hate filled anti conservative assaults on the base of our party…I did save their original history and mission statement:

The November 1994 mid-term elections were commonly referred to as the “Republican Revolution.” Given the great gains made by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, a group of moderate House Republicans began informal meetings to discuss ways to further a centrist, pragmatic Republican agenda — one that could accommodate bipartisan legislative results. At that time, there was great concern that a dramatic shift to the right was quickly approaching, given the new congressional leadership. The discussion group began to craft a moderate Republican agenda with a fiscally conservative background.

What began as a congressional discussion group started by Reps. Nancy Johnson, Steve Gunderson and Fred Upton has evolved into a national gathering of leaders from government, business and education who share a commitment to conservative, pragmatic approaches to business in a global context; to compassion in our communities and character in our national leaders….

…Addressing a broad spectrum of issues, the Partnership reaches out to disenfranchised Republicanspeople who are distressed by the stridency too-often associated with the Party, and to others attracted by a thoughtful, centrist approach to Republican politics. The Partnership demonstrates inclusion, respect, reason and compassion.

Oh…and here’s just one of several of their posts dripping with hateful bile toward their party brethren. I have the original links to these press releases but they are now inactive:

Far Right Soley Responsible for Democratic Gains
Leadership Ignored Centrist Concerns,
Chose to Pursue Far Right’s Legislative Agenda

(Washington, D.C.) – “Tonight the American people made it clear that our party’s decision to ignore the middle of the American electorate was a disastrous one,” said Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, Executive Director of the Republican Main Street Partnership. “For the last two years centrist GOPers have warned the leadership of our party of the consequences of pushing a legislative agenda cow-towing to the far right in our party. Our warnings were ignored, and now our party is paying a devastating price.”

“Republican candidates all across the country were hit by Democratic ads attacking the GOP for failure to raise the minimum wage, failure to advance embryonic stem cell research, and failure to pass strong ethics and lobbying reform,” continued Resnick. “If leadership had listened to our centrists members, we could have taken issues like this off the table. Centrist Republicans in the House and Senate pushed all session for an increase in the minimum wage, for expanded embryonic stem cell research, and for real ethics and lobbying reform.”

“Ronald Reagan built a big tent party that attracted conservatives and moderates, Republicans and independents, and people from all across the country. In the last few years a small, but vocal minority, on the fringe of our party worked to destroy that big tent,” said Resnick. “The Democrats realized something our leadership forgot, stole a page out of our playbook, and recruited candidates across the ideological spectrum. This election isn’t a repudiation of the GOP, it’s a repudiation of a handful of zealots, and a reminder that you can not build a majority party without securing the middle of the American electorate.”

What the extreme right of our party has worked to destroy – centrist Republicans will now step in and rebuild,” continued Resnick. “The Republican Main Street Partnership is committed to bringing back Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party. The extreme right has had their turn at the wheel and the results have proven devastating for our party and our country.”

So, this morning I’m skimming headlines in the publications I peruse most days and run across this gem:

Good riddance? GOP relies on Specter-like recruits

Imagine my surprise to read that the new head of the NRCC and the replacement for Tom Cole and his losing chairmanship of that organization is none other than Congresscritter Tom Davis from VA.

What does that have to do with the Republican Main Street Partnership you ask? Well…in addition to being the chairman of the NRCC Davis is the current President of the Republican Main Street Partnership! And his work is out there for all to as expressed in the Politico referenced above.

And what’s the gist of the Politico story? It’s all about how Davis and Cornyn are is engaged in recruiting Specter type RINOs to run for the House and Senate. I know the arguments about running the right person to win in each state and see the point of that…but except for a few examples, many of the Specter type RINOs aren’t moderates or centrists…they are Liberals…not just on social issues…but on spending and Big Brother government solutions to our problems as well.

The most outrageous example of Senate and Congressional leaderships idiocy in pushing their losing strategy of running Democrat light candidates to represent us in Washington is their opportunistic undermining of Toomey in Pennsylvania after he successfully ran Specter from the party on a rail. We hear so much about big tents and tolerance from these people and are constantly brow beaten about supporting the candidate selected by primary voters to represent us from the squish crowd…yet once Toomey did the work moderates and party leaders would not do…and demonstrated to Specter that his days in the Republican Party are over by attracting enough primary voters to show Arlen would lose in 2010…they refuse to get behind the guy who did the hard work…not only will they not get behind him…they go off and try to recruit Tom Ridge to challenge Toomey…and just in case Ridge refuses to run against Toomey, (it has since been reported that Ridge is dfinitely out)…the geniuses in the PA Republican establishment and the NRSC are working on getting Jim Gerlach to run against Toomey. Of course there will be no talk of how they will hurt Tommey’s chances by depleting his war chest to run against Specter…and if Grelach were to win…he’d also be weakened and bloody making it easier for Specter to win!

So, if you think the Republican Party has learned anything from going to the well in 2006 and 2008 only to draw up a bucket of gravel because the well is dry; think again!

Dick Morris made an outstanding point recently that if Obama’s policies work there’s nothing Republicans will be able to do to defeat him…but if Obama fails, Republicans need to be there ready to be the alternative by painting a bright contrast to Obama’s policies. But that’s not going to be the case is it? I’ll close with this From Cornyn himself:

I voted against the stimulus. I thought it was a bad bill, spent too much and borrowed too much,” Cornyn said. “But I don’t think people who voted for it should be unwelcome in the Republican Party. In fact, I think the opposite.

So…Can anyone out there tell my why I’m a Republican anymore? I’m seriously beginning to wonder at this point if there is any reason to remain so!