***BREAKING*** April 15th Tea Party At The Alamo, Glenn Beck To Broadcast His Fox News Program Live

Remember the Alamo?

For those of you who aren’t from Texas, the Alamo may not mean much to you but it has meant much to Texans and Americans alike in years gone by. “REMEMBER THE ALAMO” has been the hue and cry in time of war for Americans since Bowie, Crocket and Colonel Travis perished in her defense. They gave their lives to kindle a fire in the belly of Texans that would swell to epic proportions, finally and irrevocably consuming Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and gave birth to the free Republic of Texas.

The Alamo isn’t the only sacrifice made by that rag tag bunch who manned the ramparts and faced mass murder at the hands of Santa Anna. Goliad would suffer the same fate a short time later. But it was “REMEMBER THE ALAMO” that Sam Houston would hearken to and rally his troops to defeat the Napoleon of the West and it would become the battle cry of a stunned and enraged nation after the Japanese destroyed the bulk of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

So today we have another reason to remember the Alamo. There will be no bloodshed and there will be no sound of guns in the few remaining moments before dawn. No smell of gunpowder and no one will be asked to make the supreme sacrifice that 182 Texans made that march 6th day in 1836. But the symbol of freedom to so many will, once again, become the site from which that cry will be heard across America.

As of late afternoon today as reported by Joe Pagliarulo on WOAI Radio Glenn Beck will be broadcasting his show live from the Alamo on April 15 to coincide with the tea party scheduled that same day in the Alamo City. Glenn was on the show and everything is set for the events to come. As of this writing, the crowd to be present at Alamo Square in San Antonio on tax day will approach 10,000. Personally I hope we can double that.

So, if you can…plan on coming to the Alamo City. Let’s send a message to those in power who would ignore us that the Constitution still means something to us. Let’s tell those that are ready to sell us out that we’re mad as hell…and we’re not gonna take it any more!

So Come on down and sit a spell. Join us as we raise the banner of “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” and remember those brave sons of liberty who rose up and told old King George what he could do with his tea tax and once again rais the rallying cry to “REMEMBER THE ALAMO” this April 15th.
More later