Congratulations to Micael Steele as our new RNC Chair!

Better late than never. I’m a day late in getting this out there so without further adieu I wish to congratulate Michael Steele for his nomination as Chairman of the RNC. It’s a well deserved victory and most important,  Steele’s ascension means we are finally through with Mike Duncan!!!

As most of you know, I’m one of those here who has his doubts about Steele and his connection with the RLC and as such I’ve been reticent to put him at the top of my list of choices though I have stopped just short of opposing him out right because I personally like the guy and have every hope that he will lay my doubts and fears to rest going forward…His acceptance speech was red meat and I can’t complain at all! he is an outstanding speaker and says the right things.

So Chairman Steele, here’s to your victory and wishing you well going forward. I look forward to seeing you in action and pray you will lead us out of the wilderness into a land of milk and honey! God bless you and God’s speed on the road ahead!

Give em hell baby!

Cheers 3

And here’s a copy of his speech!!